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Holiday Cheer and Mickey Ears!

We started December off with a big family trip to Disney!! It was Ceej's 2nd time and the baby's first and we had an absolute BLAST! We spent 4 days in Disney and then went on to Grand Cayman for 4 days. It was tiring and no doubt complicated traveling with 3 - not to mention the stuff you need - my God - the stuff that 3 kids require for a week is insane! But nonetheless it was one for the books and so much fun!

We joked during the trip that the twins really enjoyed their trip because they literally slept their way through Disney. No joke. Like slept most of the time. Because I'm a stay at home momma wrangling 3 little ones like a herd of feral cats I rarely get to baby wear but since there were so many of us and we had an extra set of hands we were able to wear them in the ergos most of the time and they love that! Especially Matty who is a huge cuddler. So you will see in some of the pics - they thoroughly enjoyed catching up on their sleep haha!

One thing I cannot reco…

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