It's been a hot minute...

So it's been a hot minute since I posted anything. I'm a perfectionist - a total Type A personality and everything has to be orderly, done timely, kept up - and everything has it's place. I had this grand vision and plan that I was going to get my pictures organized and update for posterity's sake all the monthly pictures and fun that we had March - June but it's not happening. I'm too busy making new memories with the kiddos to meticulously dwell on the old ones (that is until year end when I do our yearly photo book which legitimately takes months, which reminds me...add that to the do list to start now).

Anyways, we have done so much this spring and so far this summer that I don't even know where to start. Let's see - Max had a good follow up and will now see his team of doctors and neurosurgeon once a year and we will hope that his cord stays untethered and the appointments are more of a routine visit to say hi. Mia had her latest kidney follow up and they found that her right kidney was measuring a bit smaller than it was 6 months ago - which could indicate some scarring due to her kidney reflux. However, because we've been infection free he wants to continue to monitor it every 6 months for a while to see the trend and maybe if it was just maybe a difference in technician measurement. Max also had his follow up with hematology and while his blood clot is still there it currently poses no risks and will be monitored every 6-12 months. Needless to say our out of pocket max for medical expenses was met by the first quarter - silver lining right?

Now on to our big boy - and something I have yet to share. As far as we have always known Ceej has been our healthy one. Save for a few ear infections when he was a little guy he's managed to stay pretty healthy. With everything that has went on with the twins I'm hypersensitive now to anything I may sense might be a bigger issue. Colds, tummy bugs, bumps and bruises I don't balk at but bigger things keep me up at night. I was wiping Ceej one day and noticed that he had a sacral dimple similar to Max's. He doesn't have a skin tag but has what looks like an odd scar (although he's never had any injuries or surgeries) at the base of his spine that veers off in one direction. I kept just kind of putting it out of my mind but my mom gut said nope - face it head on. We recently took him to the urologist because he's been complaining a lot of his belly hurting and the pediatrician couldn't figure it out. After ultrasounds and x-rays (remember that out of pocket max thing?) the urologist discovered that while he poops everyday - he's literally full of it. Red flag #2 - Max has the same thing. So I asked the urologist - can you just have a peek at this and see if I should call the Neurosurgeon. His answer - yes.

So a few weeks ago we headed to the city to see Dr. Bowman - the woman we literally went through hell and back with for 17 days (and are so so thankful for taking such great care of our Max). She took one look and said yep - it's a little "concerning". But we are going to hope for the best and hope it's nothing but we do need a sedated MRI to be sure. Shit. Seriously? Again? I'm terrified for my little man. It seemed so much easier with Max because he was so little, he couldn't talk, didn't know to be scared, didn't know why he couldn't eat but handled it ok. How in the world do I explain to CJ what's going on? That he can't eat or drink anything after midnight until after his appointment at 10:30? How do I explain to my scared little guy that it's ok to go with the nice nurses that they will take good care of him and mommy will see him soon. It sucks. It's heartbreaking and it's something no parent or child should have to do. So next Thursday we will go in for his sedated MRI and will hopefully know the results the following week. It's the same timing as last year and feels like total deja vu. I've been trying to keep it out of my mind and tell myself it's a long way away but 7 days out I can't run from it any longer.

Please keep our biggest baby in your prayers over the next week that everything goes well, that he does ok and at least understand a little and isn't so scared, and that the results come back negative and we just spent a few weeks worrying for nothing. I'll keep everyone posted and also share all the fun stuff we've been doing soon! Time to get the crew up for morning baths and the twinkies nap! I'll leave you with just a few of my favorites over the last month!


Grocery shopping is always a shit show with the crew!

Not happy to be at the doctor

But post doctor target trips with just momma are a blast!

Picnic at Taste of Wheaton

Don't mind me just being super dad over here

Cavalcade of Planes!

Epic bedhead

Kline Creek Farms

Right before Max got pecked by the chicken for a goldfish

Walks home from dinner with Papaw

Vroom Vroom Nene

Momma and Daddy had a date! Lombard Ale Fest! 


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