PUPO & the TWW...

Nothing like a couple crazy ttc acronyms to start my first ever blog post!! Blogging is something I have been wanting to do for literally years but have never had the guts or motivation to actually do! I am a huge blog fan - I could spend way too much time reading blogs - everything from fertility to fitness to lifestyle blogs in general! 

So...as of today around 10am I am officially PUPO - or in the ttc world pregnant until proven otherwise! But first we have a little catching up to do...I promise to do this quick!

The hubs and I met in college at Purdue when we were 18 and 19 - I was a little sister at his fraternity and to this day we owe our lives together to the house - the house, the ground it sits on and the boys (now men) that we met along the way will always hold a very very special place in our hearts!

Fast forward - we graduated from Purdue with a degree in Accounting for me and Electrical Engineering for him - and moved halfway across the country to Morris Plains, NJ to take jobs. That lasted exactly 365 days - this girl was homesick and we moved back to Illinois where the hubby is from and we have been ever since!

We owned a townhome in the suburbs of Chicago and about three years ago decided to take the plunge and move to the city! We lived in Wrigleyville for 18 crazy months and sowed our wild oats together and about a year and a half ago bought our dream home in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood where we live with our dog Wrigley (Wrigs or Pog as we affectionately call him) and our two cats, Zoe and Moe! 

So that brings us to today! We have a big house and we want a couple of babies to fill it! We tried to conceive a few years back with no luck and decided that maybe it just wasn't the right timing for us - remember that whole moving to Wrigleyville thing? So in late 2011 we took our dream trip to South Africa after which we were told we would have to wait at least 6 months to try to get pregnant due to the threat of malaria. 

So as soon as that 6 months was up we were on it (literally)! 6 months passed with nothing...ovulation prediction kits were showing I wasn't ovulating so we headed to the doctor. Tests showed that everything looked ok so we turned to Eastern Medicine and I started seeing an acupuncturist and taking Chinese herbs. After a few months of that we decided to see a fertility specialist where we were diagnosed with male factor infertility and learned that IVF would be our only choice...and that is what has led us to where we are today! I promise to update you all on our IVF struggles and how this cycle played out...tomorrow!


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