Target diaper deal

So I got so many questions about the target diaper deal after I posted my pic that I thought I would jump on and write a quick blog post on how to get a killer deal on diapers!  So here ya go!

Right now the super packs of diapers are on sale for $24.99 and for every 2 boxes you buy you get a $10 gift card. Target is also running their promo where if you spend $125 on baby products (formula, baby food, diapers, baby toiletries and wipes) - you get a $20 gift card. Great deal right? Just wait - you can do better!

We are a huggies family (pampers always broke Ceej out!) and I never buy a pack of diapers without a coupon - ever. The best place to find diaper coupons is the web! There was also a $2 coupon in today's sale papers so if you picked up some papers from the dollar store it would still pay off. Here is where I found my coupons:

(Krazy coupon lady is my favorite!) 

Now you're saving anywhere from $1.50-$3.00 a box. But it gets better! Right now huggies diapers are 10% off on cartwheel - that's another $2.50 off per box! 

So my suggestion is to split your items into separate transactions and try your best to get right to that $125 without going over. I would also only buy diapers in multiples of 2 - so that you take advantage of the double gift card deal. For me the ideal combination was 4 boxes of diapers, a can of up and up formula and a pack of wipes. This got me less than a dollar over the $125.00. I wrote it all out in the picture below:

A few things to remember:

- Try to get as close as possible to the $125 
- Be sure that you have them scan the coupon for your $20 card before you use any manufacturer coupons - otherwise it'll drop your total below and the $125 will no longer work
- Be sure that the cartwheel takes off the $2.50 per box properly. For some reason the huggies deals never work in my cartwheel. I actually had to go to the service desk on my way out to get $30 adjusted for my cartwheel
- Split everything into multiple transactions and roll your gift cards to use in the next transaction. 
- Be nice to your cashier! It's a total pain in the ass and isn't quick to do but most are super accommodating!

And that's that! With 3 under 3 all still in diapers this is the only way I buy them. As you see above I saved about 50%!! 


Hope everyone's having a great New Year so far - I promise to get some blog posts going soon to update everyone on the latest with the Wiklund clan!



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