Happy first birthday to my Sweet Ceej

To my sweet Casey James, my Ceej, my Case, my raybit and scones - wow I cannot believe you are one year old today. People are so right when they say the time with babies flies so fast - I feel like just yesterday I greeted you as you came into this world with the words "Casey! I knew you were in there!"

You have fought so much joy and laughter to Daddy and I over the past 365 days I can honestly say I don't remember what life was like without you in it and I don't know how I even existed without you. You are a huge piece of my heart walking around outside my body everyday. You have this smile that honestly brightens anyone's day - it's like you see right through to their heart and grab a tiny piece of it when you stare with those big blue eyes and that huge grin.

It's been so much fun to watch you grow and turn in to a little man this past year. I remember telling you when you were really tiny and hadn't smiled at us yet  "I will give you 2,678 kisses for just one smile". I would tell you that all day long. I remember when you started giggling at us - a giggle that still melts our hearts. The smallest things like grasping a toy, feeding yourself, using a sippy a they felt like huge milestones and I was as proud as could be for every single one. I have celebrated silly things with you like your 1/2 birthday, your first day of music class, all of your firsts because I want you to always remember that you are worth celebrating always.

It's been amazing to watch your personality develop - you are stubborn and spunky like your momma yet introverted like  your Daddy. You are a definite risk taker and you have little fear. I think you are going to be creative and imaginative - I can see if when you play independently and you are in your own little world. You are a morning person like momma and always wake up happy and you seriously bring so much joy to everyone you meet.

You are hands down the best thing that we have ever done. Mommy and Daddy were together a long long time before we had you - we traveled the world, rode elephants in Thailand, got into cages with Tigers, surrendered our passports and went to crazy countries, watched lions eating their kill in South Africa and walked along the Great Wall of China. We've strolled around the Eiffel Tower, seen the Coleseum all lit up at night, listened to the chime of Big Ben and visited the Parthenon on a warm Greek day. And one of these days I cannot wait to share all of the amazing trips we've taken and I can't wait to share fun journies with you. I can't wait to explore the world with you and see all those things again through your eyes. I hope that you have infertiles mommy and daddy's sense of adventure and gotten bit by the travel bug like us.

I still look at you everyday when I get you out of bed and snuggle you in your chair and wonder how in the heck I'm lucky enough to be your mom. I think is he really all mine forever? I ask myself how did we create someone so perfect! I will spend today celebrating everything about you. I plan to cuddle you endlessly today and soak in every single moment of this special day. I can honestly say I 
every detail of the 23.5 hours it took to bring you into this world and I would do anything for the opportunity to go back and re live that day - the best day of my life.

I love you more then words can say and more than you probably will ever know. You are everything that's right in my world and I cannot wait to continue to watch you grow, continue to be yor biggest cheerleader, and  to celebrate the big things and the small things. And please always remember:

ll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be. 

Happy birthday sweet boy!!


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