Catching Up - May and the babies turn 3 months!

Holy smokes it's been almost 4 months since I last blogged - how is that possible? 3 kids under 3 has really taken it's toll haha! But I have been craving getting some thoughts out and I am always thinking wow I would love to make a blog post about that so I am committed to getting back into it. So let me fill you in on our lives since May!

So May let's see. The babies were 3 months in May and I feel like right at that 12 week mark everything clicked. Having twins is hard. Real hard. Having twins and a toddler is really really hard. And honestly - there were days in those first 12 weeks where I thought we would never survive. Things were tough on all of us but it's almost as if one day - right around that 12 week mark everything clicked and things fell into place and our little family of 5 started clicking. And especially the 3 kiddos and I - the 4 of us - everyday. Days got easier and more fun. So if you have twins (plus) know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and it does get easier!

We also took our first road trip with the babes to my parents for Memorial Day weekend. Mom and I went ahead in the van with the 3 kiddos and Chris came early Saturday morning. We had a blast and it was so much fun to show them off to the family and those that I grew up with.

We also had our first trip to the ER for Mia on Memorial Day as well as an emergency appointment for Max. Mia ran a pretty high fever all Memorial Day weekend and it turns out she had a UTI - we felt so terrible that it took them 4 days to diagnose it! Max woke up one morning with a fruit snack looking bloody piece of tissue hanging from his belly button and momma freaked. Turns out it was still part of his cord hanging around and they burnt it off and all was well again! Here are some fun pics from our adventures in May.

 He looks like Jack Nicholson straight out of The Shining!

Nap time at Nene and Papaw's

Lunch with Nene at the site of Momma's first date ever - Fazzoli's!

Quite possibly one of my favorite pics ever - just missing Dadda!

First bath together! Bathing twins alone and together is not for the faint of heart!

Happy boy despite a funky belly button 

Baby's first trip to the zoo

I'm not a huge bow kinda gal but holy smokes how cute

Ceej's first time at the big boy table at LJ's party!

Family trip to Cosley Zoo



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