Catching up - July and 5 month old babies! How?!?


July marked the babies' first 4th of July and lots of summer fun! We spent 4th of July here close to home and watched the Hinsdale parade with the whole Wiklund family which is always fun! We had a family get together at our place with Mimi's future hubby Oly, Ceej's girlfriend Myla and her big sis Bella and our dear friends Jess and Ryan to kick off the holiday weekend and got some absolutely adorable pics! We visited the Lisle Eyes to the Skies hot air balloon festival and Ceej had a blast! 

We had our first consult with Max's surgeon after getting his diagnosis and got the ball rolling on all of his future testing and plans. Nene and Papaw visited for a fun weekend of relaxing in the back yard and beers on the patio. We also took Ceej to his first movie on July 9th - Secret Life of Pets! He did great and it was so cute! We took lots of trips to the park and momma visited the McDonald's play place solo with all 3 while Daddy was working late one night - brave woman here let me tell you!

I also had a "vacation" weekend. Being a mom of 3 is damn hard - hell being a mom of any is damn hard - and I in all honestly had reached my limit. I needed some time to myself to work on me and do some of the things I had been wanting to do in order to be a better mom to my kiddos. Honestly, I spent 99% of the weekend cleaning and I had dinner with the family and helped get everyone down for naps and bed but it was so refreshing and so nice and I'm so thankful Chris held down the fort for me to do so. We also celebrated 12 years of marriage - 4,380 days we've been married. We have been through and done so much and I wouldn't want to do life with anyone else. 

We also discovered the mall - particularly the choo choo and food court at the mall - are great places to hang on super hot summer days and we officially became Bears season ticket holders after 10 years on the waiting list! Nuts right? Ceej discovered his love of popsicles - or pow-pows as he calls them - and momma started to feel more and more confident braving big outings like the DuPage Children's Museum on our own! And just in time for the end of the month and 2 months after he turned 5 months Maxy popped his first tooth! 

Babies' first 4th

Kicking off the weekend with a BBQ with some of our faves!

This momma right here - she keeps me sane. Love love love her and her family

PJ party!

Another one for the wedding scrapbook - Mimi and Oly

Always watching over his babies

Lisle Eyes to the Skies Festival

Hot Dog!! Is that ketchup I see?!?!? Shame shame!

Selfies are hard with 5!

The epitome of summer in one pic

Holy smokes - from wondering if we would ever have kiddos of our own to literally having our hands full - so so blessed

Naptime snugs are the best

Because we have a big fancy stroller that no one wants to ride in

Dinner with Nene and Papaw

This kid is such a messy ice cream eater!

Ceej's first movie - "Secret Life of Pets"

Give me all the coordinating pajamas

He is going to turn into a hot dog

Momma must have been a few days late on the 4 month pics!

Ceej on the left and Maxy Moose on the right - twinning much?

These babies - so so happy!

DuPage Children's Museum

How we do the park!

Max apparently partied too hard at Another Round

So fresh and so clean

Cutie pies!

Always pestering her little brother

Playing at the mall on a super hot summer day

Mall food court hangs

Ceej's favorite place to get hot dog/fry - Billy Goat Tavern at the mall

Jumps and Jiggles!

They are too cute together - Ceej and Lizzie

Auntie Sarah is the best 


Passport pics - prepping for Disney and Cayman

5 months!!! Getting so big!

We just make ourselves cozy wherever we go

I remember taking a belly pic in this mirror at the Children's Museum when I was pregnant with the twinks!

How we have to stop sometimes



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