Vacation Part 1

As most of you know I was sick for Casey's first Thanksgiving - I was a mess!! It was the worst stomach flu I've ever had! Thankfully the boys didn't get it and I was well enough to go on vacation the Sunday after. We went with my in laws, and brother and sister in law and their two kids to Disneyworld and Grand Cayman! We had so much fun. We wondered if maybe Casey was too small to really enjoy Disneyworld but honestly he had a blast!! He loves being out and about and around people and he was literally mesmerized the whole time - he even loved the characters! Here are some of our favorite pics from Disney!

Our first park - Hollywood Studios!

Waiting for our first ride - Toy Story Midway Mania

Checking out the Osborne Family Lights!

The first of many pairs of Mickey Ears and our awesome shirt from Auntie Kristin!

 Magic Kingdom!

Would you like a little wine with that cheese sweet boy!

Andi, Jeff, Mase and Lila!

Epcot - Mommy's favorite!

It's a small world!

Grandpa Dewane would be proud!

He always had to be touching the characters! He loved them!

First time in a big boy high chair at dinner!

We had such a great time making memories with Casey on his first trip to Disney. Going into the trip I was so worried that he wouldn't do del - that the hustle and bustle would be too much for him, his sleeping would be off, that he wouldn't adjust well. I am happy to report he did amazing! We could not have asked for him to do better! We gave a little, he gave a little and we had a great time! Since sleep training it was the first time we really broke the schedule but I learned he is much more resilient than we ever gave him credit for. He slept through the night in his pack n play in our room - while we watched TV even! - and we didn't hear a peep. We were so proud of our little man!

Stay tuned for part 2 of vacation - Cayman!!



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