It's been a while!

Wow it's been a while since I have posted a catch up post - so bear with me this may be a long one but I want to update on everything!!

So…somehow I have a 10 month old. How did that happen? Seriously I cannot believe it's just about 6 weeks until he turns 1. He is so crazy active it's not even funny. He is crawling all over, pulling up on everything and is starting to let go and try to take a few steps now more than I would like. I have developed serious cat like reflexes!

Seriously could he be any cuter?!?!

He has come so far with his eating in a month it's such a relief off of my shoulders! Thanks to my mom, mother in law, hubby and sis in law for pushing me to start giving him more and more food. At his 9 month appointment the doc encouraged us that he should be mainly eating finger foods and that we needed to cut down on his formula. I'm happy to say he eats three solid meals a day plus snacks and his favorite things are black beans, blueberries, kiwi and puffs! He still isn't great with meat - I give him ground chicken or turkey, rotisserie chicken, beef all of it and he's not too interested but we will keep working on it! We have 8 teeth now - I think he's going for a record! We say momma, dada and nene (for my mom!) and he LOVES music class. The current class we are in our teacher pretty much sings the same songs each week which at first I was worried would get boring but he loves it and definitely has started to recognize the songs!

We also celebrated Casey's first Valentine's Day. I love Valentine's Day. I know some people think it's a messed up Hallmark holiday and that we should show our love every day, blah blah blah - whatevs. I love it. My motto is always find a reason to celebrate and to me VD is as good of a reason as any! We had a great time and Daddy and Ceej were both showered with presents. Shirts, rubber duckies, and a stuffed fox for Ceej - bourbon and a "My Dad is my hero" book for Daddy! Chris added to my "Things I love about my Wife" jar and brought me flowers - so so sweet! :)

Sunday was Chris' birthday and I got him another 2 bottles of Bourbon to continue building out our liquor cabinet (he LOVES old fashioned and bourbons) and then I made a choose your own adventure book for him for our first night away from Ceej since he was born! So he decided he wanted to stay at The Peninsula and go for dinner at El Ideas! My mom and Dad are headed up to watch Ceej and I can't wait! I am admittedly freaking out a bit because I've never slept away from him - hell I even miss him so much sometimes when he's in his room that I sneak in just to be close to him. But we aren't going until Mid March so I have a while to psych myself up. 

Other than that I've been knee deep in first birthday party planning and crafting and having so much fun! The last major piece is ordering the food and then we should be almost set. I cannot wait to celebrate our sweet boys's first year with all of our family and friends!

On the fitness front I just started T25 and I am LOVING it! I am in the second week and find that it goes very fast. I modify the hell out of it but still work up an amazing sweat and totally feel it the next day. I also started using Chris' fitbit which motivates me to get up and move. Ceej and I have been taking lots of car rides through the house. I am also running a diet challenge starting tomorrow for a month through my No Excuses Facebook group - $5 winner takes all for the person who loses the most. We have some great ladies participating so let me know if you want in!

And that's the big catch up! I hope you are all doing well and getting through winter as best you can! 


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