I write this post with a heavy heart. This past weekend we lost Chris' Grandaddy Jim. It was honestly harder than anything we've experienced in our almost 13 years together. Grandaddy was such an amazing man - he ran the Sears catalogue division as his main career back in the day, traveled the world, had 6 amazing children, 15 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren and 2 more on the way.

Granddaddy was such a faithful man and always put God first. I remember stories of he and grandmother landing in Rome on vacation, jet lagged and tired and heading to a long mass because it was Sunday. 

In 2012 Chris and I were able to take a big fishing trip with granddaddy and some other members of the family to northern Canada. Me being a girlie girl, I was so nervous about this trip and wasn't sure if I would like it. I'd heard that the weather was terrible, rainy and cold and that it could be miserable so I was hesitant but Chris and I knew it might be one of our last chances to go on a trip with granddaddy. We had a great time!! We would go back after dinner and Chris, granddaddy and I would just sit and talk and share stories, to this day Chris and I talk about that time we spent with him and will cherish those memories forever. 

After retirement, Chris' grandmother and Grandaddy moved to Georgia where they were both from to Savannah. Chris' granddaddy became involved in the sherriff's and fire departments and worked his way up to Lieutenant in the Sherrif's department and all the way up to Fire Chief. He worked in these departments for 19 years - and he passed at the age of 78 - that means he went through the police and fire academies in his late 50's - just amazing!

His services were beautiful with the entire Sherrif's and Fire departments showing up to pay their respects, salute him and the family and show their support. Oh and did I mention - granddaddy did this all as a volunteer and never made a penny. Seeing all the love and support and all of the lives that he touched made Chris and I both think wow - what are we doing to serve? The community, God, etc.?  It made is think if we were to die tomorrow would we have an outpouring like that? Would we have touched this many lives? It's compelled us to make many changes, think about our lives and our path - and most importantly to love each other and cherish each other - to give more hugs, to say I love you just because, to make sure our family knows how much we love and cherish them and most to not take a single minute for granted.



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