Hello 2nd Tri with a side of road trip!

Its official - we are in the second trimester. Holy smokes - that is just amazing. I never ever thought we would get here! We also officially started our vacation the day we hit 13 weeks! After the big bleeding episode at 7.5 I told Chris I was just too scared to fly during this pregnancy. That's huge for us as we are big travelers - but I just couldn't imagine being on a plane and not being able to get to a doctor as fast as I'd like. Insert my crazy idea for a huge Southern road trip!

I mapped it out at lunch one day and over the span of 2 weeks and 2,200 miles we planned to visit Indiana (where I'm from), Louisville, Nashville, Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston, Asheville, and back home. Tall order for two people who have never really road tripped a long distance but we were up for the challenge!

When we got the news of granddaddy's passing - we accelerated the first part of the road trip so we could be closer to Georgia faster. We spent one night with my folks and saw the re-enactment of the battle of 1812 - hokey yes but it brought me back to my childhood - I just love stuff like that! After we said our good byes rather than stop in Louisville for the night we decided to drive straight to Nashville - with a quick stop
In Loretto, KY for the Maker's Mark your! It was lots of fun and Chris even got to dip his own bottle! It was a special day for is because this was the day we learned granddaddy had went to heaven and he and Chris loved to drink old fashioneds together. So the stop and the bottle were our little tribut to him!

We then headed straight to Nashville. We had both been there before for business but never together. We had a blast! We started with some deelish Jack's BBQ, some live music on Honky Tonk Row - nothing like the whole bar belting out "Wagon Wheel" in unison - love it, and ended up touring the Grand Ole Opry and an old historic home. We came across the cutest onesie for Baby Wik and even though it was insanely overpriced we had to have it - three words - spoiled rotten already. 

After Nashville we headed for a short stop - just a night in Atlanta. I had gotten some good recommendations for my sweet friend Lauren and sister in law but we just had time for a few quick thinks before heading to Savannah! We did the Varsity - a greasy hot dog and cheeseburger joint that Chris remebered from growing up when they used to visit his grandparents. This was special as Grandaddy went to Georgia Tech which was near the Varsity. We then toured Coke World and the CNN center and crashed in our room with a salad and a movie! We were beat! 

Next up was Savannah for a few rough days but it was amazing to be with the entire family and to catch up! I'll recap the second half of then trip in the next post but I'll leave you with our 13 week chalkboard pic! The bump is growing like crazy and I just love it!!



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