The moment I discovered my child was too old for yoga pants

No no - I do not out Ceej in yoga pants. No worries. Let me back up - the first yet of a baby's life is hard - real hard. Everyone tells you that before you have one but you can't really fathom what they mean until you live it. It's hard for you because your life changes in about 3.5 seconds. No matter how much you waited, wished, hoped and prayed - prepped and planned - you will never be the same. It's a huge mental and physical adjustment. 

It's hard for the baby - they are growing and learning every single day. They go from a nice safe and cozy womb to the outside world and it takes a long while for them to adjust. Some babies have reflux, some colic and some are perfectly happy babies who are amazing sleepers, great eaters and a model baby. But no matter what - it's damn hard - for both of you.

So where am I going with this? For the first year I barely got out of yoga pants. It was only for special occasions, the occasional date night and family party. They were just more comfortable, I hadn't lost the baby weight, I was too fluffy to feel comfortable in jeans and it was just easy. I'm on the floor playing all day with a little munchkin why do I need anything other than yoga pants?

Then Ceej turned a year old and we started the 12-24 month Wiggleworms class at Old Town and that's when it hit me - Ceej is too old for me to live in yoga pants. Before in our 0-12 month class it felt acceptable to be a hot mess most of the time. There were some teeny babies we were all for the most part first time moms and we were all learning. Walking into the 12-24 month class I felt like Cinderella pre ball. I was in yoga pants hair haphazardly thrown in a pony tail and all these mommas with their near 2 year olds looked so poised and put together. Don't get me wrong it didn't make me feel sorry for myself - I looked up to these women and it gave me the motivation to get with the program. After I stopped working I made a promise to myself to get dressed and do my hair and make up everyday. As a stay at home mom it's so easy to get in a rut of my taking care of yourself and I looked up to these women for doing so. 

I've learned over the last few months since Ceej bumped up classes to love my post baby fluffy body - skinny jeans and all - and I've learned to love getting dressed up and feeling myself just to go to the grocery or take a walk. So new mommas - know that it does get better and it does get easier - right now the most funny thing in the world to Ceej is hanging in the bathroom while I shower and blow dry my hair! And to mommas of toddlers you get it girl - you are superwoman and you deserve to look and feel sexy and confident even if it is to do a target run!



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