Bumpdate - 8 Weeks and Graduation

So this week we officially graduated from our fertility clinic. It was very very bittersweet. After the SCH scare, I wasn't feeling so confident about being released but thankfully we have our first OB appointment this coming Monday so that put my mind at ease! It really was hard to say goodbye to all of my favorite people in the office - but unfortunately because of our condition and poor egg and sperm quality - if we ever decide to try for #2 it's probably going to have to be through ART and so I looked at it not as "goodbye" but "see you later!" 

So our appointment started off with an ultrasound. At first when she pulled up the baby on the screen we didn't see the little flicker of the heartbeat that has become oh so familiar to us. I think all 3 of us - Chris, the tech and I were freaking out. When she finally got the right angle and we could see the little heart beating away we all breathed a sigh of relief. It was very strong 188 bpm! The baby looked great and had actually made up 2 days of growth in 6 days if that makes sense! When we had our emergency ultrasound after our first bleed we would have been 7w5d and we were measuring 7w4d - this week we went in at 8w4d but were measuring 8w5d - I know a day or two doesn't make a difference but makes you feel better when there are complications! 

So the baby looked great but...the sub chorionic hemorrhage was still there and looked absolutely huge. When we saw it the first time - literally within an hour of seeing the first site of any blood the entire time of our pregnancy - it looked like a tiny little white tear. At this appointment - it looked like a huge black mass around the sac. It freaked us out and the way the tech described it is the baby is a pea in a straw and the blood is surrounding the straw. A little scary but neither her nor the doctor seem concerned. They say they are fairly common (40% of all pregnancies) and will normally bleed out or reabsorb themselves by the second trimester. (20 days for us - but who is counting?)

We then had a Progesterone blood draw (all was well in the 40s) and had our final sit down with the man that made our dreams come true! It was a relatively fast appointment - we went through the weaning schedule for my medication (I will be med free on 9/25) and he sent us on our way. He talked to the tech regarding the ultrasound but hadn't looked at it himself but again, didn't seem overly concerned. We took our records and that was that!

So how are we doing? Everyday is a struggle to stay positive. Although everyone is telling us that this is common, it happens, they normally resolve themselves and most women go on to have happy and healthy pregnancies - it's still terrifying. Blood is not something any pregnant woman wants to see. So because of that - we've become a little reclusive - so to all of our friends and family - we are deeply sorry. We don't mean to be - but right now - just as we kept telling ourselves during our TTC journey - it's not anyone else's journey to understand and make sense of - and we don't expect anyone to so we have been kind of dealing with this on our own the best we know how - which may or may not include blizzards, pickle juice and DQ blizzards (buy one get on $0.99 baby!). That being said we truly appreciate all of the thoughts, prayers, calls, texts, emails, offers of dinner and snacks, and your genuine love and support - we feel it now more than ever. 

These boys are my world and always know how to make me feel better

 Zoe apparently needed some Reese's blizzard too!

Text convo with the hubby and quite possibly the first time he's ever sent me an emoticon :)

Hopefully we will get more answers and reassurance on Monday and will go back to being our normal "KC" selves. Until then, I leave you our 8 week chalkboard pic!!!


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