Bumpdate Week 9 and Our New Angel OB

Well here we are - 10w1d today - but these posts will always be about the previous week. This week was a big one for us. After graduating at 8w4d from the fertility clinic - this week brought us to our first official OB appointment. We had met our doctor once before at just about 5 weeks for my annual check up and fell in love with him then - but I have to say I honestly believe that he is an angel sent to us to help get us through these scary times.

I am a firm believer that God never gives you more than you can handle. And if he pushes you to your limit - good things are coming and he's going to give you a sign or "throw you a bone" to restore your faith. For us - Dr. Scott Moses at Northwestern is just that. He was referred to us by sweet next door neighbor who is a midwife and he is simply amazing. He is focusing on getting us through this scary period after the big bleed and getting us to where we are excited and happy for appointments - not scared that something will be wrong. He acknowledges that after going through infertility - we are anxious, overjoyed and feel completely blessed, but he also acknowledges we are terrified every single day that something is going to go wrong with our little nugget. 

So with that being said - Baby Wik looks perfect and is actually measuring about 2 days ahead - big deal to this momma who is a worry wart!!  And he did acknowledge the sub chorionic hemorrhage is still there - but that he's not overly concerned. He said that 1 out of 3 women bleed during pregnancy and that bleeding or not at this point having consistently seen strong heartbeats our miscarriage chance is less than 5%. We make it another 12 hours, 7 days, and 11 minutes (who's counting) and that drops to less than 1%! He said whatever we need to get us comfortable he will do. So for now - we are having weekly ultrasounds to check up on the baby just to be sure all is still well. From what I have heard - this is amazing and something most other docs don't do - so we feel amazingly blessed to have found Dr. Moses.  Here is the lastest pic of the little one:

Everyone always tells you don't worry until you have something to worry about - easier said than done - even when times seem good. But when times go bad - you sit there and think OK - I have something to worry about now. I feel bad because I almost feel like I am wishing the time to fly by in this pregnancy because I am scared - and I don't want to do that. This may be our only child and I want to embrace and love every minute of this. So this morning - I opened up this new daily devotional app and saw this:

Wow...if that isn't a sign straight from the Big Man I don't know what is. To me this means we should be joyful in the hope that this baby is going to be just fine, be patient through these tough, scary times, and have faith and pray that God is going to bring us and Baby Wik safely to the other side. We also got another fun little sign this week in the form of a Chinese fortune :)

We are still having a bit of spotting here and there - but doc says it's totally normal and will happen and that we should go about our lives and try our best not to worry. I'm getting a little belly - not sure if it's from too much bed rest, too much comfort food - or the little one - but I am going to say it's the latter!

So for now we've been keeping ourselves busy with some games and a whole lot of cuddling with our fur babies! Thank you so much for all of your love and support - there are times where I literally can feel the love and positivity and it's just amazing! 



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