Week 10 and the most beautiful sound ever...

So as we sit here - we are 11w2d - but since these posts are always a week late let's talk about Week 10. We were so excited to finally make it to double digits - when we first got pregnant it seemed like so far away!

Due to the sub chorionic hemorrhage, we've still been seeing the doc every week for weekly ultrasounds. This week we were sitting chit chatting with him and he said well it's early but let's take a listen and see if we can hear the heartbeat - and lo and behold he barely touched the doppler to my belly and we heard Baby Wik's heartbeat for the first time. It was simply amazing! :) Chris had the biggest smile every on his face - it was a moment I don't think I will ever forget!

Then we hit another milestone - our first external belly ultrasound. I had seen pregnant women in movies my entire life getting the squirt of the cold jelly and the probe on the belly and as silly as it sounds I couldn't believe our little nugget was getting big enough to be seen from the outside. It was beautiful and I swear at one point I saw the little hand move - Chris disagrees but I am saying I am right. :) The baby totally looks like a little alien and in this pic you can sort of see the eye sockets and mouth - so so precious!

Baby Wik is the cutest litle alien in the whole wide world! 

Other than that we've still been taking it easy for the most part. Lots of netflix, cuddling, and a little pampering for this momma! 

 My skin has never been worse since we got pregnant!
On the other hand - my hair has never been better!!

ZZ loves cuddles with Daddy every since momma got pregnant and can't clean her box anymore!

This weekend was the first weekend we've returned to a normal level of activity after the bleed - and it was GREAT!! Every other weekend since (it's been almost a few month) we've taken it VERY easy due to spotting. This weekend we started Friday night off right with a birthday dinner for my sister in law who is also a fellow preggers!! So much fun to spend some time with the fam after a few weeks away. Then Saturday we attended Chicago Gourmet - a food and wine festival in the city's Millenium Park. The city's top chefs and restaurants come and make tastings of their food and you just walk around through the tents and try all kinds of stuff - a pregnant woman's dream! Then there is off course tons of wine, beer and spirits which I of course didn't partake in. I did however get beers and dump them out because they came in pretty glasses!! Wasteful I know and I felt bad doing it but I felt after the $180 we paid to attend - I deserved a few pretty glasses like everyone else! :) 

Quick pic before we filled our bellies!

Today is a typical Sunday in the Wiklund household - grocery shopping, errands, and FOOTBALL!! Go Bears!!  Oh and before I forget - our 10 week chalkboard pic!!


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