Labor Day Weekend Fun

I just love Labor Day weekend! Inevitably, as much as I love summer, by the time the beginning of September rolls around I'm ready for fall! Ready for the smell of leaves, for the chilly air that requires a hoodie and socks, and football and chilli-filled lazy Sundays. 

First stop of the agenda was picking out my birthday bag from the hubby!! He had given me a coupon for the bag of my choice - I've been wanting an MK bag for a while so I finally took them plunge!

Then our labor day started off right - with Mexican - what else? We were exhausted from a long week at work so we had Mexican, came home to watch one episode of our latest obsession - "Orange is the New Black" and were upstairs in bed by 8pm. We are quite the partiers these days!!

Saturday morning started bright and early with a trip to the vet for Mr. Wrigs. The poor guy gets ear infections every few months and he had developed a pretty bad one! We were in and out pretty quick with some medicine to fix him right up! He hates the vet but did pretty well! Then it was off to our niece Lila's baptism. We then caught a late afternoon showing of "You're Next" - talk about scary! Then it was off to my final birthday celebration with my in-laws - pizza, cheese sticks and some pretty awesome gifts were on the docket!

One happy guy considering!

New Kameleon jewelry sunglasses from my in-laws

Sunday was the big Wiklund Labor Day Party that my in-laws host every year! It's always the Sunday of Labor Day weekend and it's all of their friends - most of whom are parents of my twin brothers-in-law's friends (if that makes sense :)). They are all such sweet people! The star of the menu? Steaks from Peter Luger's in Brooklyn!! It was a great party this year and we shared our news and were greeted with tons of hugs and kisses - very sweet!

 The steaks looking good!

 Elbow deep in lots of salad!

 My hubby with his family - the original 5!!

Love this man!

Sunday it was time for some serious relaxation! All of our parties were in the burbs so we were ready to curl up on the couch and relax and that's just what we did! Chris smoked some ribs, I headed to acupuncture and we relaxed our way through the end of the weekend! I hope that you all had an amazing Labor Day weekend!!

Smoked ribs that were amazing a sparkling cider toast, and my little baby Zoe - perfect end to a long weekend!


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