18 weeks and counting!!

Holy smokes - 18 weeks!! Crazy to think we have come this far! Yesterday we officially hit 19 weeks and I cannot believe we are less than a week away from being halfway to meeting our little angel and only 2 days from our anatomy scan! AHHHHHHHH! Can you tell I am just a little excited?

So week 18 was pretty uneventful because my hubby had to travel to Berlin all week for a business trip. I kept it quiet, off social media and the blog because I've always been a little leary of some weird axe murderer coming across the fact that I'm alone, coming to my house and hurting me in my sleep - I know dumb - but freaks me out! So he came back home yesterday and I am happy as a pig in...

But that leads me to a question for all of you other wives - does it freak you out when your hubby travels? I seriously admire women whose hubbies travel all the time, or may live or work in different states, or are deployed. I wish I had even a quarter of their strength. When Chris leaves I literally feel like a piece of me is missing. I feel like I mope around like a sad little puppy. It's a combination of being without my best friend and partner combined with my irrational fear that someone is going to try to come in my house and hurt me - too many scary movies clearly.

So this week I FINALLY felt what I now know is no doubt the baby moving and it's so amazing! So many people describe it as quickening (wtf does that mean?) or fluttering but the best way I know how to describe it is like little pokes or popcorn popping from the inside. I literally felt it right as we hit 18w4d and feel it pretty much everyday now. It's mainly when I'm still and quiet and relaxed but it's so cool! Makes me feel like the little nugget is getting pretty big in there!

I have had numerous people ask me "Are you sure there's no 2 in there!" Hahaha - and you know what - some people might be offended by that or it might make them self conscious - but me...I LOVE IT! Seriously - I love my belly and every single thing about it. It reminds me of all the struggles, all the needles, all the tears and all the waiting that we have went through to get here. I cannot wait for my belly to continue to grow!

I also went out and kind of went overboard at Motherhood Maternity and am finally feeling like I have some good normal clothes again! Makes me feel so much better about what I'm wearing! Oh and for you momma's to be out there - I found adorable stuff at H&M online for super cheap! Not sure that they have maternity stuff in the stores - but pretty cute selection online!

So the big question everyone asks is are you going to find out the sex? And as I've mentioned before - we aren't going to find out. However...with the anatomy scan being 2 days away and my recent trip to babies R Us where there is next to nothing in the way of gender neutral stuff - I am sooo wanting to cave - but hubby is holding strong and still wants to keep it a surprise. So right now...the plan is to walk into the ultrasound and mention to the technician that we don't want to know or even be tempted so we will see how that goes!! :)

So with that I will wish you all a great weekend! We have lots of family stuff today and Friendsgiving with our friends tomorrow so we are keeping busy! Oh...and of course the week 18 pic!!



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