Week 16 and worries...

Here we are - 16 weeks already! 

Seriously?!? We never thought that we would make it this far - every single day when I stare at my bump I am just completely overwhelmed with joy that we are here!

It's funny - you all know me - I used to be a huge gym rat before we got pregnant. I always told Chris I will be the cutest, tiniest most fit little pregnant lady you ever saw with the best bump wardrobe around. Boy was I wrong! After bouts of bed rest, food aversions that cause me to want to eat pasta and bagels exclusively, and fatigue so terrible that I don't see 8pm well, ever - I now laugh at that former version of young and naive self.

But you know what...I wouldn't change it for the whole wide world. I love every second of it - I cherish every pound, love the fact that yoga pants and XL leggings are my outfit of choice everyday, and love the fact that I can see my body growing and changing every single day. Some people might say oh just wait, by the third trimester you will throw those rose colored pregnancy glasses on the floor and stomp the shit out of them - you will be done with it - you will want the baby out - all of it. But I just don't see that happening - this may be my only shot at this - as we all know Chris and I aren't able to light a few candles, drink a bottle of wine and wake up preggers so I plan to cherish every last second of this in case I never get to experience it again.

That leads me to the worry part - we had our 16.5 week appointment this week and so far so good although it was a totally boring appointment. In the beginning between the fertility doc and the complications we had ultrasounds every week through 12.5. This time it was a quick listen to the heartbeat and a Q&A with the doc. I mentioned to him my worries again and that I just can't kick the worry that something might still go wrong. He was - as always reassuring and made me feel so much better! 

This weekend was pretty busy - Saturday was nail and hair day - finally chopped a few inches off at the hubby's request - I'm not sold on it but you can judge in next week's bump pic! A little shopping and a deelish Italian dinner made by my sweet sis in law Kristin and brother in law Adam and a totally lazy Sunday made for a great weekend! Oh and a beautiful, long Saturday morning walk through my neighborhood - I cannot say it enough - I love Chicago and our neighborhood! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt this is where we belong! 

Oh and of course - the first red Starbucks cup of the season! Decaf peppermint mocha - yes please! And before you ask and it judge - yes I highlight my hair and I'm pregnant. I have spoke to my doctor about it numerous  times and he says there is absolutely nothing to worry about!

And with that I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week! Stay warm - wintry mix and snow predicted for these parts!


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