Week 17 and Nursery Inspiration

Week 17 was pretty uneventful as (Thanks God) most have been since about week 13. Feeling great and finally getting some energy back. Don't get me wrong - I am still fast asleep by 7:30 most nights but I am back to "working out" about 4-5 days a week and feeling a lot more energetic at night. I say "working out" in quotes because my workouts are by no means what they used to be! The doc said I am fine to do whatever I was doing pre-pregnancy as long as my heart rate stays below 150 - but this preggers momma is not about to try running or anything too strenuous! Just makes me too nervous! :) So for now I am walking about an hour 2-3 days a week and then doing some light pregnancy strength training DVDs.

I also tried a prenatal class at a local yoga studio I have wanted to try every since we moved in to our house. It was fun! It was nice to be in a room full or pregnant ladies and to see how different each one of us was! And it reinforced to me to NEVER judge a book by it's cover. One girl did not look even 4 weeks pregnant - was 21 - and the girl who was 31 weeks was the rocking the class! It's fun and inspirational to see and hear their stories and to workout together. The class focused primarily on deep stretching but I have a feeling since it's been months since I took a real yoga class that I might feel it tomorrow!

I think now (which is actually 18w4d) I am finally starting to feel some movement! It's odd though - feels kind of like light little taps or pokes every now and then - definitely not consistent yet and I'm not going to say for sure it's movement because I'm just not sure! I think I won't say definitively I've felt Baby Wik until I get that first real jab!

So everyone keeps asking us - have you thought about names, are you going to find out the sex, have you registered, have you bought anything, have you started the nursery. The answer to all those is no! :) I've been so nervous and so scared to jinx anything that we kind of promised each other until we make it safely through the anatomy scan at 19w5d (one week from tomorrow) - we weren't going to do any of that! Just so happens that our anatomy scan is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and we have Wednesday through the following Monday off so I am thinking not only will it be our annual Christmas explosion but God willing will also be a total Baby Wik explosion!!

Baby Wik so subtely reminded us from the womb today that apparently we should be thinking about a crib...

In light of today's wee mail (fun iPhone app for all you expectant mommas out there) I did some searching for gender neutral nursery ideas and instantly fell in love with every. single. thing. about this picture. I may just steal every last element down to the crown above the crib. This nursery, to me, is what dreams are made of. Now to convince the hubs it's indeed not too over the top. And after locating the crib from Restoration Hardware - if any of you have any DIY tips on how to upholster the crib ends ourselves please send them my way! I would LOVE to figure out how to do this on the cheap!

I am in love with every single thing about this including the fuzzy little lamb!

This one is a close second!
The first thing the hubby asked was - "does EVERYONE put a chandelier in their nursery?". Hahaha - he is in for it when the planning really starts! :) The other must have - even though it may seem silly and may be totally unnecessary is a frilly bassinet! I know - we may never use it but it's been a weird dream of mine for a long time to have a white frilly bassinet in my pink princess room (house tour coming in another post)! So here are my current faves...

I love the idea of the rounded bassinet but just not sure it's practical - but then again maybe a frilly bassinet itself is very unpractical so who am I kidding!! :) 

Anyways - enough nursery speak for the night. If you have any recommendations, DIY tricks or ideas, or just wanna tell me I'm crazy and don't need such things let her rip! Chris and I are realizing there is a lot more to think about than we thought! 

With that I will leave you with my new do' and our week 17 bump pic! Not sure I'm sold on the hair yet - hubby likes it shorter and convinced me to take some off...this week it might be finally growing on me! 



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