19 Weeks and What I'm thankful for...

Here we are 19 weeks (well officially 20 today and I just keep singing "ooooooooh, we're halfway there...love me some JBJ! But we'll save that for next week!) Week 19 just happened to fall on my favorite week of the year - thanksgiving!! I love Thanksgiving - it's all about spending time with family and friends, eating great food and watching football without the added stress and pressure of finding that perfect gift for everyone in your life! Don't get me wrong I love shopping and gift giving but I tend to think I need the perfect gift for everyone and it's so stressful for me!

It started out with Friendsgiving at our friends Thr McIntyre's - it was gorgeous! Megan and Trevor always throw the best shin digs - thanks guys!! I took baked Mac and cheese - a tradition of my family - and banana pudding - holy yum!

Then we had our anatomy scan and we did not cave!!! I thought there was a chance one of us would cave and say ok ok tell us the gender - but it didn't happen so baby Wik is still the mysterious miracle baby! 👶 although Chris and I are both fairly positive it's a boy - but what do we know? 

So the anatomy scan was perfect! All of the genetic markers for things like downs etc came back negative, all the organs looked beautiful and perfect, the spine was perfect - everything was great! Baby Wik is literally right on track weighing about 12 ounces and on the 53rd percentile - we feel so so blessed and thankful to have a clean bill of health! 

We celebrated with a delicious and huge prime rib dinner at Lawry's - our favorite holiday place - and followed it with Elf The Musical! It was so cute!

On thanksgiving day we spent the whole day with the furbabies in our PJs nursery planning! We have everything picked out and will order it all today so stay tunes for pics soon! We then went to Chris' Aunt Deb and Uncle Jim's house for the traditional Thanksgiving feast with everyone! So good to spend some quality time with the fam! Which brings me to what I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful for my amazing husband - I'm far from perfect and especially since getting pregnant my hormones run high. My fuses are shorter and I can be needy and not so pleasant to be around but he handles it so well and loves me in spite of it all and for that I am so thankful and feel truly like a lucky girl.

I'm thankful especially this year for Baby Wik growing inside my belly. It's an amazing feeling to feel him or her kicking and even more amazing that iccasionally daddy can see them from the outside now! We are so excited to be parents and I feel like I never want this time to end! Along with that I'm thankful for all the struggles, the tears, the years, the needles, dollars and heartache we endured to get here. I have created amazing friendships that I know will last forever and it's brought so many amazing people into my life. It's made me realize I am stronger and braver than I ever thought possible and I'm hoping that I never forget any moment that we've went through.

I'm thankful for my family - they really are the best. My parents are amazing - I speak to them no joke at least 2 hours a day and cannot imagine my life without them. They recently went to Grand Cayman for almost 3 weeks and I thought I was going to die! I am thanksful for my baby bro, my grandma and aunts and uncles, my sister in laws, my mother and father in law and our entire family. I always dreamed of having a huge family and finally have it! And now that we are expanding our own little family it's just getting better!

That's just a short list of all I'm thankful for - i could go on and on but I don't want to bore you! So I'll leave you with this weeks bump pic and being the diva I am we took 2 pics on two different days because I liked both outfits - don't judge hehe 😂😂


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