21 Weeks and Snowed In!

Here we are - 21 weeks! :) (Actually 22+2 today and only 13 short days from reaching viability week!!) Anyways, I digress, let's talk week 21. I'm going to start this post with one of my favorite belly pics yet! I just love this one because I feel like Baby Wik is really starting to pop out!

I am so thankful that Baby Wik is growing so well! I just love my belly and I am feeling pretty consistent movement now which is simply amazing! The baby is most active right after dinner and we were even able to get a quick video of it this week!

I am still feeling great - working out 6 days a week by doing light walking and strength training prenatal workout videos. I am so very thankful to be able to continue to workout during my pregnancy. For the first 16 weeks I had zero energy and was too terrified to do really anything physical and all of the sudden I got all of this energy, felt great and got a sense of peace that everything was going to be OK and the rest is history! I really think it will be great for Baby Wik and I both to stay healthy and active during this time! If any momma's to be out there need recommendations I can highly recommend Susan Bowen's Slim and Toned Prenatal Barre Workout which is amazing! It's 3 20 minute segments and once you do it a few times you can put it on the PC, turn down the sound, and catch up on your favorite shows while you are working out! I also highly recommend Summer Sanders' Prenatal Workout. In this one - you utilize resistance bands for some strength training and I really feel this one the day after! My last favorite for a little short burst of Cardio is a You Tube Video I found here and it's a Baby Bump Bootcamp that is about 10 minutes or so but a total butt kicker! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yZFFGs8dLg  The important thing to remember is ALWAYS talk with your doctor first and remember to wear your heart rate monitor - for me I have been advised to keep my heart rate under 150. :)

This time of year is really busy for both Chris and I with Holiday Parties, getting together to exchange gifts with friends and family and sometimes (this year yay!) traveling home to Indiana for an extended period of time to see my parents for Christmas! :) Chris had his holiday party this past week and had a good time - funny preggers story - I was dead asleep when he walked in the door but he came bearing Garret's Chicago Mix (for those non-Chicagoans - it's cheese and carmel corn mixed together and it is PURE heaven in a bag!) and I woke up - ate the entire bag - and went right back to sleep! :) 

I also organized my department holiday lunch and white elephant exchange this week. This was probably the biggest yet at 29 of us and was a lot of fun. Everyone seems to enjoy it every year and I just love putting stuff like that together!

My actual, company wide holiday party is Wednesday. We used to have big, fancy holiday parties with nice dinners, dancing and lots and lots of booze. :) Ah, those were the days! The holiday parties now are much more subdued and this one is actually at a go-kart track (indoor of course!). I obvi won't be getting in a go kart but I'll go for a while to hang out and then I am going to take one of my besties out for shopping and dinner for her birthday - I already can't wait! We used to work together and I seriously miss seeing her everyday. We are able to meet for lunch but not often enough so I really love when we can spend extra time together!

Today we are getting a pretty crazy snow storm so we have holed up in the house currently having a Bad Girls Club marathon and hoping to finish up Christmas wrapping and some honey-do projects around the house. Then, being that we live in the city, we may venture out on foot later this evening for dinner and maybe to see the lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo! Tomorrow is our annual Christmas competition with Chris' side of the family. All of the younger people in the family get together and instead of exchanging gifts we spend the day or night together and have a food competition. In the past we've done drink competitions, salsa and guacamole offs, and ornament making competitions. This years theme? An appetizer off during the Bears game! But shhhh - don't tell anyone we haven't even decided what we are making! Wish us luck!

I'll leave you with a few snowy pictures and a pic from last weekend on my way to my holiday party at my bosses' house when Baby Wik decided he or she wanted to be the star of the show!


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