Ooooooooh, we're halfway there...

May sound silly but I feel like I've been looking forward to this post every since we got pregnant. We are halfway there - 20 weeks!! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown. At first it felt like the days and weeks were just dragging all because we were so scared and nervous that something was going to go wrong. I still have those same fears and worries - but I now feel Baby Wik kicking away all the time, I can listen to his/her heartbeat and Chris is seeing the baby moving from the outside so all of those facts are so reassuring in conjunction with the clean bill of health we received at the anatomy scan!

I know some women complain about being pregnant, that their body aches, their feet swell - they are miserable - and I don't doubt that they are. However, I can honestly say I LOVE every second of being pregnant. I love my belly - and dressing it up - I love the fact that everyone goes out of their way to make sure you are OK, comfortable and happy. It's just such a great time and because we can't achieve this on our own, I want to cherish every second. I've also been one of the lucky ones that still to this day have not really had one bout of nausea, I am back to "working out" (meaning walking and toning prenatal workout videos at home) and overall feeling pretty great! This week was a rough one - the commute is really getting to me at almost 90 minutes each night (and I think you will see that in this week's bump picture) - but other than that everything is perfect!

This past week was Thanksgiving and for us it's filled with lots of family time with Chris' side of the family. We tend to spend Thanksgiving here and Christmas with my family which works out nicely since we are 4 hours apart. It's always hard for me to be away from my family during the holidays, but I'm lucky to have great in-laws so it makes things easier!

After all the family stuff was over, we decided it was the perfect time to register! So we ordered the nursery furniture in the morning online (can't wait until it comes and I can reveal it to you!!) and then we headed off to Buy Buy Baby to register. It's so funny, after all this time I have spent dreaming of baby registering, I thought it would be this fun and magical experience. No way. It was stressful and way more overwhelming than we thought, and we already had picked out the furniture before we stepped foot in the store! Which changing pad out of the 500 they sell is the best, do we need 3 sides or 4? Which high chair makes the most sense and is easiest to operate? How in the HELL do you get these car seats off their bases? One handed stroller collapsing my ass...and how do you hook up this contraption you call a Baby Bjorn? 3 hours later...we needed a nap! But overall it was fun, we cleaned it up when we got home and think that we have most stuff covered off! If you want to check it out to give us ideas if we are missing anything, have stuff on there that isn't necessary feel free to check it out at both Buy Buy Baby and Target!

I am sure people were looking at us like really? These people are so unprepared...

Chris fighting with a carseat. At one point I saw beads of sweat, the jacket came off and he was frustrated as all hell, I couldn't help but laugh :)

After baby registering we needed a little peace and calm and what better way than Christmas decorating! I love Christmas decorations, my trees are on every single minute that I am home. And yep I said trees - I have to have 1 in every room that we spend a lot of time in plus one in the front window so that makes 3 - one real and two fake. We got a couple new pieces of furniture this year so i of course had to go out and get some new decorations during the Black Friday deals! I had a very pleasant experience, I went out when I woke up about 6am and there honestly was no one around at that point. I think that everyone was already done with the madness! 

My black Friday haul including my favorite deal every year - garland and wreaths from Hobby Lobby 50% off for $5 a piece!

Zoe enjoying the chaos!

I also did most of my shopping online this year - picked up a few great Black Friday online deals, and of course ordered some stuff for Baby Wik so we are becoming best friends with the Fed Ex guy and get daily shipments of 5-10 packages - oops might have overdone it!

I just can't resist spoiling the baby already!

That's all the exciting news I have for the week! It was a long exhausting week, I am in finance so we "close the books" the first 3-4 business days of the month so yesterday was the first night in a long time that I had to text the hubs and say I wasn't up to going out for our normal Friday night date night for Mexican! So we ordered Chinese instead and I was asleep by 7. Two words - party animal. Anyways, I will leave you with the Week 20 bump pic! Happy weekend everyone!


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