23 weeks!

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a good holiday season I can't believe that 2013 is coming to a close! What a year it has been! But I'll save the for another post - today we talk week 23!

I seriously cannot believe how fast time is flying! In the beginning the days and weeks creeped along - now they are going at lightining speed which is fine by me! I cannot wait to meet our little nugget! I have so many questions in my head - the main one being are we going to need pink or blue?!? What will this little one look like? All kinds of things - only 17 more weeks!

So this week has been bittersweet for us - we arrived home from my parents to find the our Moe cat (or Moo Moo) as we call him - was sick. He was drooling a lot from one side of his mouth and his little face was swollen. He's always had bad teeth and has been out under before for extensive cleanings. We rushed him to the vet and she was extemeley concerned at first but then she said she didn't see any major signs of cancer - her biggest worry - so she thought a cleaning and possibly a few extractions would do the trick! Fast forward a day - they call during surgery to tell us from the looks of the x-Ray it looks like he may have a nasty bone cancer and they needed the ok to do a biopsy. We of course said yes.

We got the call around 1 pm that he was out of surgery and wide awake - minus two of his major fangs in the front and a few other teeth. We set an appointment to pick him up and speak with the doc at 5pm that day. They took us into one of the fancy rooms with a nice couch, plenty of tissues, offered us water and asked if we'd like to pay before we talked to the doc. All bad signs that bad news was surely coming. The doc showed us Moo's x-rays and said they are pretty sure it's going to come back as cancerous. We are heartbroken and don't know what the prognosis will be - but for now we are enjoying he time we have with him and spoiling him rotten. Thank you all for the kind words, calls, texts, and comments on things we have posted - they mean so much! And here's a few fun pics of Moo's bedrest 😀

Definitely doped up on drugs in this one!

Moo's little makeshift pharmacy at home - kinda reminds me of our IVF days!!

We also go the nursery carpet installed and out together the high chair, swing and bouncer! Even though we have a long way to go we figured the stuff looked better out of the boxes than in them! Chris out everything togeher like a champ with the help of wrigs! And thenursery  furniture comes Tuesday - eek!!!

Wrigley is clearly confused as to what is going on! 

Dad and his helpers!

He wanted to eat the baby's monkeys so bad!!

That's about all we've been up to since my last post! I'm off until January 2nd when my life becomes mass chaos for 5 days as part of our year end financial close - ahhh the glamorous life of an accountant - but crazy thing - less than 75 working days till maternity leave - insane!

So I will leave you with a few fun bump pics - week 23 in front of the tree and with a cat who insisted on being a part of it and also in the normal spot plus a comparison with week 15 - what a difference 8 weeks makes!!!

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