22 weeks!!

Hey there! Merry Christmas week!! I love the holidays - almost to the point of being annoying. I have to have the tree on all the time, feel the need to watch something Christmas-y every night and tend to go overboard when it comes to gifts! I can only imagine what next year will be like when Baby Wik joins us!

This is all for just my little family in Indiana! 😀

Christmas memories are my most favorite from childhood. I remember midnight masses, Christmas eve's at grandmas where we would often times get to choose one gift to open and then save the rest for Christmas morning. I remember donut runs some years, other years was biscuits and gravy (which hint hint mom I've been craving like nothing else...) and always watching "A Christmas Story" all day. I also remember the year Dad made a video of Rudolph visiting our house - leaving little turds and all in the living room (we should try to find that Dad!)

Growing up there were tough years for our family as my mom stayed home with us kids but always, without question Christmas was over the top - always. And to this day at 31 years old as I write this in the car on the way home to my last Christmas without a child of my own, I am tearing up thinking of all the sacrifices my parents made for us. I'll always be grateful to them for raising us right, teaching us right and wrong, giving up things they may have wanted or dreamed of for us - and most of all giving us more love than I could ever imagine. I can't wait to shower Baby Wik with that exact same thing. 

So as we sit here I'm actually 23w2d and counting the seconds to viability (yay!!!) but this week we talk week 22! It was pretty busy - I had my holiday party at a local go kart track (go karts and booze don't exactly work for a pregnant lady) but it was fun nonetheless. I had dinner with a friend for her birthday and it was so much fun. Other than that time was spent catching up for year end at work for Chris and I - I'm the Manager of Financial Systems and Processes at a pharmaceuticals company and so year end is always crazy for us! 

And that's all I have for you - be on the lookout for fun Christmas and "at home" pics where for those of you who don't know them will get to see the rest of my family! There's nothing like being home home where I grew up for an extended period of time. I love Chicago and honestly don't ever want to move from where we are now - but Gas City - deep down - will always have my heart 💕💕


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