How in the heck do I have a 3 month old?

How is it even possible that it's time to write the Ceej is 3 months old post??? Seriously - I thought the last few weeks of my pregnancy went fast but holy smokes - it's like I blinked and 3 months (13 weeks to be exact) have flown by - moms, please tell me this isn't how it is for his whole life. I want my baby boy to stay small forever!!

This has been a fun month - I feel like Ceej's personality develops more and more every day! He wakes up in the morning cooing and is all smiles. I know I'm partial - but his smiles are so addicting and they can literally light up the whole room. We are anxiously awaiting the first real giggles - so far we have little coos and grunts that accompany his smiles so we know it's not far away! He also gives some of the most hilarious expressions throughout the day - he has me cracking up all the time!

He has started to grab at his toes and seems confused by them. He still hates tummy time - with a passion - so I am thinking he will never learn to roll over! He also hates lying on his back pretty much anytime - but especially to sleep. This week we decided to start trying to get him to sleep in his little crib by our bedside. After two rough afternoons trying to get him to nap in the pack n play (think 3 hours to get about 25 minutes of actual napping out of him) - I decided what the hell let's give it a go and try to lay him in there tonight - and it worked!! Night one was a breeze. Last night - night 2 was a little rough and it was much harder to put him down each time - but we still made it all the way through the night. This parenting thing is fun but also comes with hard times when you have to help your babes do things they don't want to do but that you know is best for them!

Other than that we took Ceej on his first plane ride and his first vacation which I will share with you in another post but we had so much fun. It was definitely different mainly because until 6 months babies really shouldn't be in the sun and you can't use sunscreen so we spent a lot of time cuddling inside but it was nice to have a few days with the 3 of us!

I also am very happy to report that I am still nursing - 3 months and going strong. We have battled and fought with literally blood, sweat and tears and I am so so proud and happy to say that we are still making it work. It isn't easy and I have definitely cut back on the constant pumping - but I am determined to go as long as we can. I have also managed to build quite the little freezer stash - which is actually my most prized possession at the moment! Over 80 oz of liquid gold right there my friends!

So with that I will leave you with a few of my favorite iPhone pics of my little man from this month! Hope you are all having a great week!!



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