Ceej is 5 months!

Bad mom alert over here - I'm almost 2 weeks late with this post - oopsie!! Anyhoo….can you believe that Ceej is 5 months? I seriously cannot believe how fast he is growing up! Time can slow down anytime now.

This little man is more and more fun every single day. He's so much more interactive and has a personality just like his momma! He babbles constantly and is becoming more of a cuddlier in his calm moment. He still loves grabbing his pigs and playing with his hands and love throwing his toys all over the place. I seriously think he's already learned the let's throw it on the ground and have mom pick it up 7,658 times game. 

He's drinking prune juice twice a day and has also started solids. Before having him I was all gung-ho to do baby led weaning - now the thought of him choking terrifies me so we are a puree family all the way here until we have a few teeth. I also thought that I would make all his own food - then he started protesting sleep and I quickly realized I barely have the time or energy to make it through the day let alone be an ambitious momma that steams, purees and freezes the food in tiny little ice cube trays. Ahhh maybe one of these days!

His favorite foods are prunes (no surprise there - his momma loves them too), pears and apples. He is not a big fan of peaches or carrots but will eat them. We also tried cereal but he could care less about that too!

And for the surprise of a lifetime he is no longer sleeping in the rock n play!! don't fool yourself - he's not sleeping unassisted in his own crib - we have a little help from this magical invention called the Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit. Life. Saver. I know I know - one more thing to transition out of but he's now sleeping in the pack n play by our bed and doing pretty well. I am no where near ready to transition him to his crib in his own room - maybe one day - when he's 20….

For his 5 month birthday weekend we celebrated with his first parade - the German American Festival parade and his first Bears game! It was pretty hot and sunny so we didn't spend too much time outside during the game but had fun none the less! Here are some of my favorite pics from that weekend!

Seriously check out those eyes! This was also his first time feeling the grass - loved it!

Ceej and Savannah's first trip to the Italian Village!

In other news we have been able to maintain our nursing relationship - something I NEVER thought we would be able to do for this long. we still supplement but he gets the majority of breast milk and that makes this momma damn proud. All of the blood sweat and tears have been so worth it. I think it's best to set mini goals when it comes to nursing and our next mini goal is 6 months - just a few weeks away!

We've also majorly regressed sleep wise. In a 24 hour period - with a lot of work and perseverance from momma (and lots of naps on momma's chest where I sit there and literally almost pee my pants) I am able to get him about 11 hours of sleep but never for more than about 1:45 minutes at a time - all night long even. I'm exhausted but I know (or hope) this is a phase and it too shall pass. In the meantime Daddy has really stepped up and I couldn't be more grateful.

We are off to Door County this week - we rented a house on 5 acres literally in the middle of NO WHERE and I could not be more excited! We have a drive in, apple picking and just milling around planned. Cannot wait for a few uninterrupted days with the 3 of us. Wish us luck because Ceej still HATES the car with a passion - most babies sleep in there - not Ceejy!

Oh and about a week before we turned 5 months we rolled back to belly for the first time - on Grandpa's birthday - twice. Daddy and Grandpa got to see it but he has yet to do it for momma! I will leave you with some of my favorite recent pics!

Momma and Gran at Ceej's first Wiklund Labor Day Party!

Ceej's first day of Wiggle Worms at Old Town School of Folk Music!

Grandpa, Mamps, Daddy and Ceej prepping the steaks for the Labor Day Party!

Taco Tuesday play date with our cousins!

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