Ceejy's Must Haves!

So it's been a while since I did a must have post! There are certain things that I couldn't live without when it comes to CJ. I have a lot of new mom and mom to be friends so I thought that this post might help others by talking about what's worked very well for us!!

1. Snuggamonkey Swing. This guy is a lifesaver for us! CJ loves it and will easily nap 2 hours in it! Once he wakes up in the morning we nurse, do a dipey change, do some tummy and floor time and play a little then when he gives the signs he's getting sleepy I'll either nurse him again or give him a baba and then he takes his morning nap in his swing! This allows me to get my workout and often times a shower in so that when he wakes I am ready for the day! Most times Target has a deal where you get the bouncer free with the swing which is a great deal! He never really liked the bouncer but I keep it in the bathroom for those instances where I need to get in a quick shower and he's awake.

2. Video Baby Monitor. I could not live without this. I always find it crazy when talking to my mom and hearing that when I was born she didn't even use a monitor for me! Our house was small so she could hear us from anywhere - but it still amazes me! I'm neurotic about watching Ceejy and knowing that he is OK so for me a video monitor was a must. I love the motorola monitor and it works great for us. It has a daytime and nighttime mode and honestly it allows me to get so much done while he's napping.

3. Tablet loaded with movies for car rides!! So Gran gave Ceejy a Samsung Galaxy and it has been a total life saver in the car. Chris and I always thought we would try to keep technology away as long as possible so that CJ would learn to entertain himself - until he lost it every time we went on car rides. We plan to rear face him as long as possible so we had to figure out something. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the episode Minnie-rella has been a lifesaver! It's so strange - I downloaded the movie Rio for him because of all the colors, I tried Curious George because his cousin Mase loved it, I tried other Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes - nope. Minnie-rella is his favorite by far! So whatever works! I can sing every song and repeat every word of the episode and often times fall asleep singing "Minnie-rella, Minnie-rella…"

4. The Gummy Bear Song. O.M.G. LIFE saver. Seriously. This is Ceej's favorite thing in the whole wide world - besides momma of course. He LOVES this song. Sometimes if he's having rough day Minnie-rella won't work but I just plug my whole into the car and pipe this through the speakers - he's instantly happy. We thought for the longest time it was the video because it's so brightly colored and fun - nope - it's the song itself because it will calm him down even if he can't see the video!

5. Baby Keys. He loves this little toy! With babies I find the simplest things are the best! He loves these little keys and goes crazy once he grabs them. Most times they are flying through the room or coming right at mommy's face!

6. Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. Ceejy absolutely loves this thing and honestly in the span of about 4 days he finally is big enough to touch the ground without a pillow. He has so much fun in it and it allows me to make a quick lunch or throw something together for dinner as I have it basically right in the kitchen with us! 

7. Skip hop tuck away bibs. These bibs are the best!! They are not cloth but rather a very easily rinsable material. Now that Ceej is eating pureed foods, bibs are essential. I love these because rather than having to wash them in the washer you can just rinse the food off of them after eating and they are clean as a whistle! We have the monkey and the bumble bee!

And those are our current list of must haves!!



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