25 weeks!

These posts always confuse me because thanks to my Dad (love you!) I am one that will never turn the calendar before the next month, not like to focus too much on what's ahead in car tomorrow never comes - so I'm always a week behind! So..as we sit here I'm 26w3d and 5 short days away from the 3rd tri!! But alas we will talk week 25!

I still cannot believe we have come this far! I was talking with Chris last night and reflecting that it was almost exactly a year ago when we sat down with a fertility specialist for the first time. I remember thinking it would be an easy fix, maybe a pill or two and bam we'd have our baby! Boy was I in for it. Thousands of dollars later, too many needles to count, lots of tears and heartaches later - here we are - 15 weeks away from meeting our modern science miracle! I thank God everyday for the chance to be able to experience carrying this baby, to feel his or her kicks and jabs, and for putting people on this earth that are smart enough to know how to make dream some true for people like Chris and I!

We got the baby bedding in and needless to say we love it! It's very neutral and plain and simple but just what we wanted! It's interesting - apparently crib bumpers or at least the kind we ordered are against the law in the city of Chicago! So we weren't able to order it and have it shopped to us! We found a crafty way around it thanks to a very special family member! I know they are controversial and I may end up pulling it off before the baby comes but for now it looks awfully purdy! 

I can't wait for the glider to come in so we can really finish out the nursery! Sadly they won't be until mid March but we've learned through all this to be very patient people! 😀

We all spend lots of time together in the nursery!

ZZ just loves the baby's hamper!

We also got great news that our sweet Moe cat (or Moo Moo as we call him) doesn't have cancer! They found no cancerous cells in his biopsy! So they think he just has a nasty bone infection in his mouth! He's an old man and I guess it happens! So we still have a long road - lots of follow ups, another procedure to get another yucky tooth out of there which will leave him with 1 fang and then a strong and long course of antibiotics but he is acting happy and healthy as ever and we are happy to have him back! We had to switch their food and literally have spent hundreds of dollars the past two weeks trying to find one they will eat but we are eating close!! 

Why yes that would be about 8 different kinds of food we are testing out - we are such push overs!

We also celebrated my sister in laws baby shower yesterday! I feel so blessed to have her and my bro in law back in Chicago! She is due February 26th and having a sweet baby girl! Cannot wait for our little ones to grow up together!! 

Oh and one of Chris' Christmas presents finally came in! He loves the Will Ferell More Cowbell skit on SNL so I got him and baby Wik matching shirts!!

So that's been the excitement for week 25! Time seems to be flying fast now which makes me excited and sad at the same time! I will leave you with a fun 13w vs 25w comparison as well as our normal weekly bump pic! Everyone have a great week!! 😀😀


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