Working on my (Prenatal) Fitness!

So as many of you know I was a crazy crazy gym rat before I got pregnant and I was always one that said I will work out throughout my pregnancy and be one of those adorably cute little preggers ladies that just looked like she swallowed a watermelon and I will eat super healthy and bounce right back a few weeks after baby. And then….reality hit! Once we found out round 2 worked my energy was instantly zapped and we had some complications from the sub chorionic hemorrhage in the beginning and we had simply worked too hard for this baby to but any of that at risk - so I laid on the couch and ate cake or whatever I wanted for 16 weeks - and it was pure bliss!

Once I hit 16w and at the constant reassurance of my doctor - I had the energy and felt comfortable enough to begin doing light workouts again and let me say I just love it! I love the energy it gives me and just makes me feel so much better about myself and the occasional bad food choices I might make these days!

I started out going to the gym and just walking or doing the elliptical until the weather took a turn for the worst! I then started gathering pre-natal fitness videos and you tube videos that I could do in my living room so that I didn't actually have to leave the house and it's been perfect! Especially since I have long days between my work and commuting - the last thing I want to do when I come home is leave the house again! So I thought I would share with all my fellow preggo mommas some of my faves so here we go!

1. Summer Sanders prenatal workout

This is by far my favorite prenatal workout video! It's split by trimesters which is great and it's about 50 minutes. Also - for the 2nd trimester video - there is a nice break about 30 minutes in so you can choose to do the circuit just once or twice. She uses a resistance band in the video which I use as well for part of it but inevitably end up switching to my 3 pound weights

2.  Suzanne Bowen's Slim & Toned Prenatal Barre Workout

This is also a great one! It's split into segments - a cardio toning segment which is heavily leg focused, a leg specific toning segment, and a strong upper body and core segment - all 20 minutes long. Most of it is done supported by a chair and I just love this one. I always feel it the next day which is a plus in my book! It's very focused on the Barre method so it's low impact but highly effective!

3. What to Expect when you're expecting - the workout

This one is great too! 2 tonight segments, 3 cardio segments and a stretching section for a total of about an hour. You can mix and match workouts and design your own which I love. Some days I go 3 of the workouts - other days if I'm ambitious all 6!

4. Denise Austin Prenatal Cardio Workout

This segment I found on you tube so I can't speak to the entire video if you were to buy it - but this 20 minute cardio segment is one of my favorite when I'm looking for something quick. It's perfect for a quick session to get your heart rate pumping, get moving and have a little fun!

5.  Kathy Smith Pregnancy Workout

Ok cue the giggles - because this is hilarious! I am a huge you tuber (always have been) when it comes to exercise videos! You can find some great stuff out there and I find that there just aren't a lot of at home options for prenatal cardio so I came across this gem that must be from the 80's but it gave me a serious workout to the point where I was wiped the next day! Be prepared for unitards and leg warmers!!

So those are the main videos in the rotation these days! I am not getting anywhere near the workout I used to - but that's ok! I wear my polar heart rate monitor and ensure my heart rate never creeps above 140 as instructed by the doc. Most of all - as with everything in pregnancy - do what makes you comfortable, happy and what makes you feel good! :)


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