Boy or girl? Your guess is as good as mine!

So I've been meaning to do this post for a while and finally took some time to pull it together! So as most of you know we have decided to not find out the sex of Baby Wik. Long story short, I initially wanted to find out - bad. I wanted a big gender reveal with the cute colored cake and the voting board of boy or girl. After talking it over I realized Chris really wanted it to be a surprise - "one of life's only real, true surprises" he says. So at 11 weeks I surprised him with some gender neutral things and said I was on board! He'd been so supportive and my rock throughout our IVF cycles that I wanted to thank him for all he's done.

Now...I am in love with the fact that we don't know what Baby Wik is!! I love guessing and wondering everyday if I'm getting Kung uf kicks from my hands little man or mommy's little princess! It's funny because I think some people - Chris included - think I actually know and I just haven't spilled it. As a matter of fact we were hanging out watching football and Chris just said out of the blue - "do you know what the baby is and you just aren't telling me?" And he was dead serious! I indeed do not know - I promise!

So after a long winded backstory I thought it'd be fun to play with some old wives tales on what baby Wik might be! So I present to you...

Heartbeat - so my heart rate monitor always measures the heart rate low but every single time I've been to the doc it's been in the 160s - conclusion - GIRL

Chinese gender chart - the Chinese gender chart takes a combination of your chinese lunar age and the Chinese lunar month you conceived date and works it's magic - the Chinese say baby Wik is - GIRL

Cravings - this is a very controversial one! They say if you crave salty or sour it's a boy - sweet it's a girl. This is a tricky one because I can't get enough pickled things - okra, pickles, pickle juice, giardinera, and sour patch kids every time I go through the line at target. Yet I cannot go to bed without having something sweet. So while I circled boy - I think the jury is out on this wives tale. However tonight's dinner would suggest otherwise... 

Mayan gender predictor - so the Mayans use an even/odd trick to predict gender. They use the age when you conceived and the year you conceived - if both are even or odd it's a girl - if one is even and one is odd - it points to boy. The Mayans say its a BOY. 

Breakouts - this was another controversial one! I have had some crazy breakouts but they come and go and when I'm not having a breakout my skin is better than ever. The old wives take say boys make their mommas more beautiful while girls steal the beauty from their mommas - so survey says...BOY

Wedding ring - so it's said that if you dangle your wedding ring on a strand of the hubby's hair over your belly and it moves back and forth it's a boy - if it circles it's a girl. We debated if it was a circle or back and forth - I thought more of an oval Chris thought back and forth - I let him win this one - BOY (with a caveat momma thinks it was a circular motion which would point to GIRL)

Carrying - this was a tough one for us - because we really aren't sure what the difference is - supposedly of you carry high it's a girl - low it's a boy. I went with what everyone says - most say I'm carrying high which would pint to GIRL

So as you can see old wives tales are just that - fun tales to keep you guessing! Sum them all up and it points to a baby boy - however the three that we were on the fence about - the cravings, breakouts and ring test - could swing it either way. 

Long story short - we will be happy to be parents - plain and simple. And we only have to wait about 98 more days for our dreams to come true! 


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