Week 27 - hello 3rd Trimester

For months and months I've had all sorts of countdowns on my phone - countdown to the next ultrasound, countdown to week so and so, countdown to viability and countdown to the third trimester. I just cannot believe we are here! We had a rough start with the scare early on which led to some scary weeks - but honestly it seems like these past 7 months have just flown by!

It's funny I feel like I've been very blessed and very very lucky to have a relatively easy pregnancy. Yes at 8.5 weeks staring at more blood than I've ever seen from a person in my life realizing it was coming from me I was 100% convinced it was over but we had been through a tough road to get where we were and we knew Baby Wik and this momma were tough and everything worked out. Because it's been relatively easy I just absolutely love being pregnant and I'm sad that we are in the home stretch!

I've been wanting to open up about this for a while and now I feel like the time is right. There was a time in my life where many of you know I was pretty heavy - I went from about 190 pounds to 130 at my lightest. But...I was obsessed. I had unhealthy tendencies that led to not eating enough, working out entirely too much and feeling guilty to enjoy a fun night out with my hubby for fear of how many calories I was consuming. 

I went from a little heavier than this...

To this...

Before I ever knew we would struggle to conceive I always worried it would be mentally hard for me to adjust to a growing body and belly when I was pregnant. I worried I would feel terrible about myself and honestly was worried it would lead to unhealthy habits during pregnancy. And then...we were struck by the infertility Gods and I realized there is so much more to life than being skinny or hot or buff or whatever you want to call it and I started living my life without that constant fear of the dreaded calorie!

Don't get me wrong I'm a huge advocate for living a healthy and active lifestyle - 100% - but now I just know it doesn't have to completely control my life. My Da and I were having a conversation one day on my long commute home - it was a perfect spring day and I told him I really just wanted to go home and eat tots and drink beer with Chris on the patio of my favorite bar right outside of wrigley field but I couldn't because I had to get to the gym. And he chuckled and said are you going to remember the hours you spent at the gym or those perfect nights on the patio with a beer and those you love. Best advice ever.

So...lots of words to get to this. I hadn't taken any bare belly pics this entire pregnancy but at 28 weeks I decided it was time for my first one - and then I put it on social media and honestly I've never felt more beautiful! I can't believe there is a tiny 2+ pound human squirming away in that belly - it completely blows me away and I want to encourage others - pregnant or not - embrace your body and who you are - it isn't about what we look like or how many hours we spend on the gym or counting calories - it's about the kind of person we are and what we do with our lives - I encourage you to take my dad's advice and have those tots and that ice cold beer and savor the moment!

Other than that the week was pretty uneventful minus the polar vortex and insane amount of snow we are getting in Chicago - so over winter!

We made brunch for my in laws and sister in law (who is 5 weeks from delivering her sweet Baby Girl and I cannot wait!!) and then checked out a few new Chicago restaurants that were participating in restaurant week - so in short living up those moments and eating way too much! :)

The pump room!
Monkey bread - soo deelish!
He's so handsome ...
The Bedford - super cool restaurant inside an old bank - vault and all with the most amazing burger I've had in a while!

And that's about it! We get to see Baby Wik in 3D in 5 days - we are doing an elective ultrasound and I'm like a kid I'm so giddy so stay tuned for new pics! Until now I leave you with the normal covered belly week 27 pic! Have a great week!



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