Wow it's been a loooooong time

Holy smokes it's been a hot minute since I posted. I always think man I need to update my blog or wow, I would love to put down in writing some of my thoughts on that - but I've never found the time. We are getting the worst weather right now here in Chicago so we are all getting cabin fever and I thought I would hop on and catch everyone up on the last few months!

Seems like the last time I really updated was October so sit back, grab a snack and settle in!

So let's see November the babies turned 10 months, we celebrated their first Thanksgiving, Max was finally home and on the mend and we were able to put all of the scary tethered cord business behind us - at least temporarily. That is until we landed back in the ER with a blood clot in our PICC line. I went to flush his lines and administer his meds the morning his home health nurse came and 2 days before they were going to pull the line and something wasn't right. I was getting way more resistance than I should have and things felt different. I knew that the line wasn't completely blocked because his course of meds ran but I knew something was up. Sure enough, all day in the ER and a doppler later and they discovered a clot in his arm caused by the PICC line. They decided to adminster the last dose of meds right there and pull the line. There was talk of us being admitted but thank God they decided to monitor the clot and not administer any anticoagulation meds and send us home. So now we also have a hematologist that we get to visit every 6 months!

November was a busy but fun month and we were just super grateful to have our family back under the same roof. I was going to try to cram a few months together but the babes are calling so that's it for now folks - talk soon!

We started our month in the hospital - our home away from home for October and early November

Oh and the Cubs did a thing - Go Cubs Go!

He was the happiest baby through everything! Such a trooper!

Finally being able to hold your baby after a month is the most amazing feeling

Watching the Cubbies victory parade!

I missed this girl while we were in the hospital!

How we did walks until Max got the all clear!

Never shared their 8 month pic since Max was in the hospital! 

Parachute fun at Preschool

I cannot wait to put this one in Mia's wedding DVD one day

Always a Diva

And always a crazy lady

Back to the ER for us - blood clot in his PICC line 

Christmas is coming! And everyone gets new eye brights!

Thanksgiving PJs are the best!

A boy and his dog 

These "turkeys" became CJ's favorite jammies - to the point where I had to wash them every. single. day. Finally the toes have worn out - thank God...

Someone is excited about the big Christmas tree in the center of town!

Telling secrets and plotting against momma and Daddy already

Pair 1 of about 20 pairs of Christmas jammies because ##addicted

Ugly sweater Christmas and PJ party with Friends!

Thanksgiving feels!

Cutest little turkeys around!

Black Friday shopping as a family of 5 - surprisingly it was too busy and we had a blast! I don't think we even bought one thing though. Savoring the quiet black Fridays while we can until the kids get old enough to want the hot toy which we will have to stand in line all night for because that's what parents do right? 

This was always my favorite hat of CJ's and now I just LOVE it on Maxy moose

First time in the cart - a little shaky but we managed!

Sweet shopping snugs with Daddy 

The start of the nightly hot chocolate tradition with Dada

Making Christmas Cookies!

9 months - how is that even possible?!?

So I booked a time and took all 3 kids - on my own to see Santa at the dreamworks experience. What I did not know was that strollers aren't allowed - and I forgot the Ergo. So here I am - sweating like a beast and trying to Maneuver 3 kids through. But we did it - and I felt like a total bad ass!

Stud having lunch outside in November - it was gorgeous that day! 

Best Santa pic ever

Whoa - who is this man?!

There is something so sweet about babies and Christmas trees :)

We got our first BIG goose-egg - he was excited and ran and slipped square into the corner of the table leg. Earned himself a trip to the urgent care where they told us "Yep, he's chowing down on a happy meal - he's A-OK"


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