30 Weeks and Daddy's Birthday!!

8 weeks and 4 days - that's what we have left. 60 more days. Wow…I remember hearing stories of friends, co-workers and some of my IG TTC girls being in the 60 day range and thinking wow - wonder what that would feel like and here we are!! I just honestly can't believe it! But I digress…today we talk week 30!

So last week when I was doing the weekly chalkboard and I wrote a 2 as the leading number for the very last time it was such a surreal experience - knowing that we are getting so close is just crazy! This week - writing 30 was equally as exciting! As I mentioned in my earlier posts, this week we celebrated Valentine's day and I had my first (surprise!) shower at work. It was a very exciting week but I'm definitely feeling it this weekend! Frirday we celebrated Valentine's Day very low key with our normal Mexican and then Saturday was Chris' 33rd birthday! We started the morning with a short walk and his favorite cinnamon roll croissant from our local coffee shop! We took it easy that morning and then headed out to lunch at one of our faves - Portillo's! Enormous cheeseburger and fries for momma, and a beef sandwich (dipped) and fries for the birthday boy! 

 Yes…those are 6 ketchups, all for me. And I even ended up using about 2 more!! Obsessed since I was a little girl! 
Happy guy!!

Afterwards we went and picked up the stroller and car seat!! We used the very generous gift card from my co-workers to get these two things and let me tell you - just having those here and in the house makes everything feel so much more real! I am in LOVE with our stroller and may or may not have walked around the house for a good 20 minutes with it today!

First she was all over the high chair - now it's the car seat!!

All put together and ready for Baby Wik!! 

Looks like somebody is ready for baby!!

Afterwards we went looking for new cameras. As one of Chris' gifts I wanted to get him a new DSLR camera. A few years back we got a nicer camera but were not quite ready to switch to a DSLR but with the baby on the way we are pulling the trigger! Right now we are leaning towards the Canon Rebel T3i but if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them! Then Chris actually wanted to hit up the mall for a little shopping so we did that! Amazingly - I was EXHAUSTED after. We left around noon and drove to the burbs and headed back into the city a little after 3 and seriously my entire body just ached! So far - since about week 16 when the spotting stopped and I started to relax a little more I've worked out 5-6 days a week and felt great! And even yesterday morning I did both cardio and some light strength training but I guess that combined with walking the mall (OMG I sound like I'm 70…) wore me out!! Definitely a first for me this pregnancy but I suppose I had to slow down at some point right? I even noticed it had a bit of a hangover effect today - an hour and a half hour nap and no workout for this momma!!

Once we had a little rest we got all dressed up and hit up a new to us restaurant in the South Loop area - Acadia. It was very nice and the food was delicious! We did the 3 course tasting menu and shared dessert. I had a couple of very deelish mock-tails, the second being a lemongrass, citrus tonic mix - so yummy! 
Momma's getting huge!!

Today we were pretty much wiped out from all the excitement for the weekend so we just took it easy. Chris put together the stroller, we made some beef and noodles - a midwestern favorite - and no mom, they were not as good as yours - and I started Baby Wik's scrapbook! I am making a scrapbook with little notes to the baby of the story and journey to his/her birth! I wanted to be sure it is done and up to date for my showers so I had to get on it! 2 hours later we are up to date through week 29!!

A scrapbooking explosion in the kitchen!!

That's about it for this week's update! We are expecting a nasty storm tomorrow - only 3-6 inches but mostly right around afternoon rush hour which should be a joy! Hopefully this is the last one - counting the seconds till spring! Hope you all have a good week - stay safe and warm! Oh, and of course - the week 30 bump pic!!



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