Daddy to be DIY idea and Valentine's Day

So yes - we celebrate Valentine's Day. I know some people think it's silly and that you should love each other everyday - and we do. I tell everyone in my life I love them every single day - there isn't a time that I hang up the phone without telling my mom, dad, brother, Chris and all the other people in my life that I love them. But to me - chocolate, pink and heart love extraordinaire - Valentine's Day is my jam. :) We don't go overboard with huge extravagant gifts or even a fancy dinner - but we do get one another a card and Chris will normally send flowers and we do something special whether it be cook together or like last night - go for our normal Mexican Friday date night.

This Valentine's day was no exception - especially being our last one as a family of 5 (including the fur babies!). Chris sent me flowers at work - they are beautiful! I am totally obsessed with tulips right now - I think because they make me think of spring that's only a little over a month away (and 45 degrees by Friday baby!!!) and then we got each other a card and went for our normal Mexican Friday night date night. It was so cute - they were all dressed in red and had heart balloons on every table - they did a great job as always!

I struggled with doing a little something sweet for Chris because his birthday is today!! And I had used all my good ideas for that!! :) So I had to get a little creative! I knew that I wanted to do daddy-to-be survival kit for him so I took to the internet and searched for some ideas and here is what I came up with! It was super easy and fun to put together and he really loved it! Great for all you mommas to be to do something sweet for your hubbies! 

Tootsie Roll - "To remind you to roll with the punches when baby comes"
Hand Sanitizer - "For when baby does the big job and gloves aren't enough!"
Coffee and sweet mug - "Because after long nights you might need lots of coffee!"
Boogie Wipes - "To clean baby's tiny little nose from icky green monsters!"

Gloves - "For when baby does the big job"
Kit Kat Bar - "Because all good Dads deserve a break"
Lifesavers - "Because you are my lifesaver and I don't know what I'd do without you"
Book - "For when Daddy has bedtime duty"

Hershey Kisses - "To remind you and me that Mommy and Daddy both need lots of kisses"
Mounds - "For the mounds of knowledge you will no doubt bestow on our sweet baby"
Trail Mix - "For when you need an early morning or late night snack fix"
Sour Patch Kids - "To remind you that mommy and baby can be both sour and sweet"
Pack of erasers - "To remind you that all great dads make mistakes from time to time"
Aspirin - "When all else fails take 2 and have a nap!"
Bib - "To catch all the icky things that might come out of baby when you two are hanging out!"

Bears Jersey - "For when you and Baby are hanging in the man cave watching the game"
Granola Bars - "For when there is no time for your normal breakfast!"
Earplugs - "For when you just need some peace and quiet"
Cubs Onsies - "To teach Baby Wik early on who we root for in this household!"

And how I surprised him with all the goodies!!

I think he really liked it all (I hope) and I had the best time putting it together for him! We've started talking so much more about baby and his/her impending arrival and are just getting so excited - I cannot believe 8 weeks and 6 days - holy smokes!!

Today is his birthday and I'm anxiously awaiting him waking up so I can pamper and take care of him all day! Keep an eye out for the week 30 bump pic and post tomorrow! Hope everyone has a great Saturday!



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