Week 28 and Baby Wik's latest photo shoot!

So as I sit here today, Superbowl Sunday, we are 10 weeks and 4 days away from Baby Wik's Due date…holy. smokes. On Friday morning we will officially be in single digits week wise - I cannot believe it. And it's so funny I had an IG friend post about sterilizing her bottles and breast pump supplies - thank God that she did because Chris and I are clueless. The last time we changed a diaper we put it on backwards and even that took 5 minutes (thanks Mom for coming in and saving the day!) I've heard lots of great things about different books, methods of doing things, etc. but Chris and I are pretty easy going and calm and I guess just figure that we will learn as we go and we are hoping that we will be pretty natural parents.

It's not that we aren't ready for this - gosh if I had a dollar for every time someone has chuckled and said "do you know how much your life is about to change?" I know they mean well, but catch me on a bad day when my pregnancy hormones are full force and my common response is "actually yes, indeed, I do, this wasn't an accident, this was very very planned, and hundreds of needles and thousands and thousands of dollars later we are more than ready for whatever is coming our way!". So thank God for our doula Rita and her classes which start this Thursday night and our hospital tour and birthing class there next Saturday! February and March are full of infant CPR, birthing, becoming a parent, infant massage, and breastfeeding classes and I can't wait! I just feel like it's going to make everything feel that much more real!

So I thought for this week's bump pic I'd switch it up a bit and take a cue from one of my favorite people in the whole world Allison at Eggs Over Easy and document the week with some fun questions about my pregnancy so here goes!

How far along: 28 weeks
Total weight gain: Somewhere between 25 -30 (oopsie!)
Maternity clothes: Holy smokes yes - since about week 13!!!
Stretch marks: This is a hard one for me to tell because of my past weight gain and losses through the years I have always had stretch marks but I actually don't think I have any baby induced ones yet. I slather tummy butter and oil on religiously though!
Sleep: The best way to describe this is odd. So I love napping and do it often on the weekends! Falling asleep at night is no problem. Normally I'm out long before 8 pm. It's staying asleep in the mornings that is the issue - wide awake by 4 am and this week it was more like 2:30-3 am!!
Best moment of this week: Seeing baby Wik at our elective 3D ultrasound
Miss anything: A few times this week I've actually missed an ice cold beer and a hard sweat session at the gym. For the longest time I felt like it would make me a bad mom to say that - but if so then so be it. I wouldn't trade where I am for anything in the whole wide world but just being honest.
Movement: Oh yes!! We were lucky and I felt the first movement at 18.5 and by 19.5 Chris was able to see it! Now we are seeing tons of kicks all day long, little hiccups, and big huge rolls of shoulders, butts, hips, something!! I am guessing it's not baby's head as they discovered on the ultrasound yesterday that it's head down!
Food cravings: Avocado and cheese sandwiches - all day err day :) And pineapple
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope! Plus I've been able to incorporate a little chicken back in my diet - woo too!
Have you started to show yet: Hehehe this just made me giggle. See pic above.
Gender: We don't know and don't want to know but take a look at the pics below to follow of the 3D ultrasound. We are pretty convinced they are pics of a little prince from the facial features!
Labor signs: Nope thank God. Primarily because a. I don't know what it would feel like b. we are still so early and c. it's my biggest fear!
Belly button in or out: In still for sure - not sure it will pop out
Wedding rings on or off: On but this morning they were pretty tight...
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy happy happy and full of energy!
Looking forward to: Starting our classes!
So as I mentioned we had an elective 3D ultrasound just to have our first peek at Baby Wik in 9 weeks! Let me tell you - we have a totally stubborn little one in there! Hands in the mouth and on the face the whole time! The tech felt so bad but I actually thought we ended up getting some great pics! She had me do everything though - get up to pee, shimmy around, lay on my side, roll around, touch my toes and tons of massaging with the ultrasound probe - everything and the baby just kept those little hands on the face! It was so cute he/she did a lot of finger sucking and opening and closing of the mouth!

I don't know what you all think but I definitely think I see a little boy - but what do I know?!? It was so great being able to see our little one again - my heart was so full last night! Then we celebrated with another new restaurant for Chicago Restaurant week - Chicago Q. It was so so deelish! It's a nicer BBQ restaurant and we had a great time talking what ifs, names and just catching up with each other!

Chris with his ribs and bourbon flight! For all you bourbon drinkers they taught us a trick of putting a few drops of distilled water in your bourbon as you are tasting it - Chris was amazed! Said it really opened some of them up and changed the taste completely!

And that's about it for this week - I hope you all enjoy the Superbowl and have an amazing week!



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