SURPRISE! Shower #1

So this week my sweet co-workers surprised me with Baby Wik's first shower!! I had no clue - I knew that they had something up their sleeves but wasn't sure of when the date would be! We have 9 weeks left and 6 more weeks in the office for me (I'll work the rest of the time remotely) so it still seemed a little early so they got me!

It was super sweet - there were probably 30 or so people and they pulled off the gender neutral theme perfectly!! They did both Little Prince and Little Princess decorations and it was so perfect!

So funny - the blue plate just happened to be the one on the top when I snapped this pic and I sent it to my mom and she told her friend "Well look at that, they know what the baby is and she told her co-workers and not us - can you believe it?" Haha! Then I sent her some other pics that will share that show the little princess plates and her fears were calmed. :)

They had a very nice lunch and my very very favorite cupcakes in the whole wide world from my favorite bakery which I may or may not have gotten before on my lunch hour and proceeded to eat on my drive home - so very delicious and my #1 pregnancy craving by far. 

I feel so bad that I didn't snap more pics - it's funny I almost felt like I did at our wedding like I didn't really get to talk to and thank everyone and felt bad after! They also set me up with an adorable feather adorned crown that said "New Mom To Be" - too sweet! 

They took up an amazingly sweet collection so we will be headed out this weekend to get both the stroller and the car seat!! I was blown away when I opened the card and saw the huge gift card. I have a job that can be very stressful and demanding, and we've went through a lot of transition over the past few years going from a small privately owned company to the largest international subsidiary of a Danish company - and it hasn't always been easy. There have been many days spent on the long commute home griping to Chris or my parents about things going on - but it's days like Thursday that remind me that I do in fact work with and for some pretty great people and it truly touched Chris and I's hearts. 

The President of the company and his executive assistant also surprised me with a sweet wrapped giraffe themed gift - check out that adorably soft giraffe playmate!! 

Lastly, my friend Leigh Ann played a huge roll in putting the shower together and making sure it went off without a hitch (I only wish I had taken a pic with her !) but she also brought me some things just for me knowing that sometimes new momma's are forgotten at showers - she is just so sweet! Check out the adorable thirty-one bag that will be perfect for groceries in my trunk! And of course Zoe totally approved!

It's still so surreal that we just had our first baby shower and we have two more within the next 4 weeks! I've dreamed of this day for so long and honestly…I just can't stop smiling!



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