Sunshine Award part Deux!

So one of my favorite girlie - Amy at Team Baby Lare nominated me for another Sunshine Award! As I mentioned before the Sunshine award is an award given to/from women in the infertility community to others that bring positivity and sunshine into their lives! Amy's strength is seriously amazing - she and Tom have been through so much but no matter what she is always smiling and her attitude and positivity is simply amazing - she is truly an inspiration to us all! I'm pulling for you girl and know that 2014 will be the year for Baby Lare!

So Amy gave me some questions to answer and a few I've already shared with you so I'm going to answer those that I haven't talked about before - there are some fun ones so here we go!!

1. Who is your biggest support system?

This is a tough question! Of course Chris is my number one - he's my best friend - we laugh together, cry together, have fun together and have been through every single second of this crazy roller coaster ride together. He's been supportive when I'm highly emotional, giving myself shots, or happy as a clam. He's been through a lot the past year with all of this - more than a lot of normal guys have to experience  - and he's been my rock. Chris - I love you to death and thanks for always always being my number one cheerleader! There's also my mom and dad. I talk with my Mom at least 2 hours a day while I'm commuting. She's always there for me - listens when I'm going crazy about a stupid traffic jam, irritated with someone at work or even Chris, and everything in between. My mom is probably the strongest lady I know and an amazing role model. My Dad has also been amazing - I'm such a daddy's girl and over the past year we've talked about things most girls would never talk to their dad's about - periods, shots, fertility treatments - all of it. I can't wait to make him a grandpa! :) And then last but certainly not least is my TTC (trying to conceive) Instagram community. I found the community through an amazing lady - Meg - at A Brink Adventure. After our first failed cycle the sadness and trying to get pregnant totally consumed our lives and I needed an outlet to talk to people who had been there and done that and knew what I was feeling and I can honestly say I don't know how I would have gotten through this past year without these girls. Yes - probably sounds weird that I have a bunch of friends I've never actually met who mean the world to me - but trust me - without these girls I would be a bigger hot mess than I am! :)

2. What was your favorite day that you can ever remember?

This is an easy one - the day we found out we were expecting Baby Wik! It was literally like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders - we had beat infertility and we were pregnant! Hearing those words from the nurse - 3 words that I never thought I would hear was such a surreal experience - literally it was like an out of body experience that I watched unfold before my eyes! I was of course hysterical and the nurse was like "we lost her!" haha - but I will never forget that day! We had our beta that Friday morning and flew to Vegas for the weekend right after. We got the call sitting in our hotel room at the Wynn and then celebrated all weekend! It was perfect!

3. What song means the most to you?

This is a toss up - I love "Thank you for loving me" by Bon Jovi - it was our wedding song and our first dance and it's just so so very sweet. My second choice would be "About Mr. Brown" by O.A.R. - sounds very weird but let me explain. For the most part Chris and I have similar tastes in music but we never found a band that we both were in love with until we found O.A.R. Especially now at almost 33 and 32 we are often times the oldest people at O.A.R. concerts and are total groupies having traveled the country to follow them at times - but they just bring us together and we have a blast every time - and our favorite O.A.R. song hands down is "About Mr. Brown." As a matter of fact we've thrown around the idea of Baby Wik coming into the world to this song - or at a minimum a nice live O.A.R. playlist!

4. Name a random fact about you

So I used to be a trumpet player and a total band geek! I loved it and actually miss it a lot! I remember in high school when they brought the instruments in for us to try out and I wanted nothing more than to play the clarinet. Lo and behold, couldn't get a sound out of it. The music teacher said you know what you have trumpet lips and that would probably be better and it was all history after that! I played throughout middle school and high school and did concert band, marching band all of it! I wanted to play at Purdue but when I didn't get a band scholarship, stupidly, i said eff them, put the trumpet down, and never played again :(

5. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

So this depends totally on the season! Living in Chicago in the summer - there is nothing like it. Nothing. There is a street festival somewhere in the city every weekend and you can never get bored! So in the summer - it's definitely hitting up all the festivals with Chris, drinking a beer and listening to some live music. In the winter, and especially this winter being pregnant - it's snuggling on the couch! Haha - we've been totally lazy with the cold and snow this winter and it's my favorite thing to do!

6. How has fertility affected me - good and bad?

Love this question! So good - it has made me a stronger person and made me realize that I am capable of more than I could ever imagine! It has brought Chris and I closer by - as weird as this sounds - tearing us apart at times. It's hard when you are going through it but I truly do feel like we've come out stronger on the other side. It's also given me a new perspective on not judging others and what they may be going through - because people may look healthy, they may put on a happy face - but you don't know what's going on behind closed doors. The bad - it's made me a terrified, crazy obsessive pregnant lady - to the point where honestly I really didn't relax or truly enjoy and embrace the first half of pregnancy because I was terrified that I was going to lose my baby. I was so used to sadness and bad news that I didn't understand how it could possibly be OK. I still have those days where I worry is this really going to be OK - but I just keep trying to pray and have faith that God will take are of us and Baby Wik! :)



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