Sweet Savannah Mae

She's here!! Our new niece was born Monday afternoon weighing 7 lbs 7 oz and 19 inches long. She is seriously just beautiful!!! Momma, baby and Daddy are all doing great and are over the moon in love with the new addition to the family!

We spent Monday and last night at the hospital getting our cuddle time in with this little angel! She seems to be such a chill baby - hardly makes a peep except for tiny little squeaks. And look how great mommy and daddy look - such a perfect family!

I won't speak for Chris but it was a totally surreal experience for me. Kristin (my sis in law) delivered at Prentice where we will be delivering in 7 short weeks (give or take) - not to mention they had the best room in the whole place - amazing Lake Michigan views - we are hoping they put in a good word for us and reserve our spot in the VIP room! :) 

We had taken the tour of the hospital a few weeks ago so we felt like pros as far as where to go, what to do and how it all works - so that was nice but just holding Savannah and being there made it all so real for me and made me realize we are going to be there so soon - it's really amazing!!

The other part that totally melts my heart is Chris and how he is with her - and babies in general. He is going to make an amazing father. If he wasn't playing paparazzi with our new camera snapping pics of the sleeping beauty, he was anxiously bouncing next to me while I held her until I looked over at him and ask the question he was dying for "Do you wanna hold her?" He would reply yeah yeah and it was  all over - no one gets much cuddle time with Uncle Chris around! I just can't wait to see him with Baby Wik!

We are catching up on stuff at home tonight and prepping for our final childbirth class tomorrow (pot luck night!) but already can't wait to see her again real soon! I'll leave you with some of our favorite pics from the past few days!



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