Motivation Monday

Well well well - it's been quite a while since we had a motivation Monday post! Now that I have a baby that sleeps well I honestly feel like a whole new person! I have energy and drive that I haven't had in 6 months so I am hoping that I can keep up with this a little better!

So it's been quite a while since I updated you on my post baby weight loss journey. Let's just say I'm no  where near where I want to be and I'm not even really close to losing all the baby weight but honestly - I'm actually back to feeling OK about myself. So I'm going to start the post off with a bang. Here was the "before" pics - holy hell looking at these is a little shocking (and I'm still surprised I put this crap out on the internet - haha)

Chris isn't home to take pics for me right now so here is the best I could do of where I am today:

I definitely still have some work to do on my arms and legs and I'd like to flatten up my belly a little more but I'm seriously feeling pretty good about the progress. Casey just turned 6 months. I gained 47 pounds with him and I am 15 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight. The difference in the two pics is only about 11 pounds but I believe quite a few inches. 

So what have I been doing? Well let's see - a whole lot of everything until I finally settled on my new routine which I will tell you about in a sec. So I tried body pump at home - so not as fun as the classes. I then tried Les Mills Combat at home - loved it and a hell of a workout but I got bored. I think there are only about 5 disks. Then we bought a treadmill and that lasted all of a hot second mainly because I jumped in thinking I could run a half marathon like I used to - funny I know. Then I tried the 21 day fix - which I liked except for the diet part. I am not a dieter. Never have been. Even when I was thin I never dieted per se. I don't like being told to measure my food, count calories or anything like that. I know in my heart what is healthy and what isn't and ain't nobody got time for counting every single thing that goes into your mouth!

So what am I doing now? I have settled on P90X3 and I am LOVING it! It's 30 minutes a day which seriously flies by in the blink of an eye and the workout are fun and seriously tough!! Can I do them all like the people in the videos? Hell no. And Tony Horton's modifier looks like she/he belongs on the cover of a fitness magazine - so I modify as I see fit and it's working. I seriously look forward to doing it every day and really don't get bored. It's 6 days a week and the 7th is optional - you can do a rest day or a light workout called Dynamix. Then if I get a chance later in the day Case and I will take a walk or I will maybe even walk on the treadmill while binging on Netflix.

As far as food I honestly still don't count anything. I just watch what I eat a little more closely. I try to say no to carbs with dinner (occasionally we will have brown rice or whole grain pasta) and I try to focus on healthy snacks - my current being mandarin oranges with a banana - yummy! 

As a stay at home mom - my "uniform" is yoga pants. Which is amazing - but can also lead to getting lazy. If you don't have to squeeze into jeans you think less about eating those chips or that ice cream - or at least I do. But I keep reminding myself that the harder I work the better I will look in those yoga pants.

I also know most nursing moms are nervous to work out too much in fear it will mess with their supply and honestly as you all know my supply has never been the best but I have noticed zero change since I've been working out heavier which I was so relieved to see!

Anways I hope you are all having a GREAT start to the week - have a good one!!



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