32 weeks!!

Holy smokes - am I really 8 months pregnant?!?! It just does not seem real! Week 32 was an exciting one for us! We got to meet our new niece Savannah Mae who might just be the cutest baby I've ever seen - no joke! So we spent a few nights visiting with the new family of 3 at the hospital!

Burgers, fries and babies - does it get any better?

Babies look really good on him! 

Then we had our last baby class wih our doula Rita - so sad! I really enjoyed the month long class and I feel like I learned so much and I've challenged so much of what I used to believe. I walked into this thinking I would just go along with the "norm" of society these days - I would get an epidural as soon as I could, if the doc said hey I'm going on vacation next week how about we schedule an induction I'd say sure why not? - and now I just feel like maybe for me and for our family those might not be the right choices.

This is hard for me to write because I don't want anyone to think I am judging anyone for the choices they make for themselves and their family - that is not what my intention is at all - I just feel like since I've listened and learned the last month I have changed my mind on a few things because of what I feel might be best for us. It's weird - we talked a little about circumcision on Thursday (and you all know I'm convinced baby Wik is a boy) and I always assumed that of course I will circumcise him no question in my mind - but after thinking about it it's become a discussion point in our house and something we plan to talk about versus a decision that was automatic! That being said if you are in the Chicago land area and are pregnant and need a doula or any sort of pregnancy or post partum support Rita and Mother Me is the place to be - she's amazing and most of all has totally made me feel empowered as a woman and a mom to be!

Other than that I'm current getting my hair done - last time before baby - and yes I highlight my hair during pregnancy - asked the doc from day 1 about it and he said it's perfectly fine! And then we plan to spend tomorrow hunkering down from the storm and making some decisions on cord blood banking, delayed cord clamping, placenta encapsulation and start writing our birth plan and packing hospital bags! 6 weeks and 5 days until our little one is due - we need to get busy! 

Oh and my second shower invite came! My shower next weekend will be in Gas City hosted by my sweet sis in law Ashley and my mom and the. The next weekend I will have my Chicago shower hosted by my sweet sis in law Andi and mother in law Cathy - I just can't wait! Aren't be invites for both just darling?!?

And with that I'll leave you with the 32 week bump pic! Stay warm and have a great weekend! 



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