Baby Shower #3!!

Wow - Baby Wik sure is a blessed little one already!! We had our 3rd and final bridal shower this past weekend thrown by my sister in law Andi and mother in law Cathy. It was beautiful and a perfect day! They did such a great day and boy was Baby Wik ever spoiled!!

 Proud Momma and Daddy before the shower!

We hung out with the boys for a while before kicking them out then it was time for the festivities to begin. We had a very deelish lunch of salad, sandwiches, fruit and all sorts of goodies! Yum! And of course my favorite - white cake and white frosting - so deelish and my biggest pregnancy craving of all!

And check out the adorable diaper cake my sis in law Andi made for us - just too cute!

After lunch it was time to scrapbook! The girls arranged a scrapbooking table with pages for each month of Baby Wik's life up to 24 months and everyone decorated and signed their pages on the back! We've loved taking the chalkboard pics every week so we can't wait to take monthly Baby Wik pics with the same board!

Next it was time for presents and holy smokes were there a lot of them! This baby is going to be totally spoiled rotten!

All of the gifts were so sweet and thoughtful! We feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and family!

My mother in law Cathy does amazing cross stitch work and she made this adorable Pooh blanket for Baby!!

And as if my sister in law Kristin didn't have enough going on the past few weeks/months she made Baby Wik an amazing quilt (it's seriously stunning and her first sewing project ever!) - she also wins the award for the only one to make me cry at a shower for the sweet note she wrote with her gift ! Not to mention can you believe she just had a baby 3 weeks ago? One hot momma!!

A quick photo op with all the Wiklund girls (Andi, Cathy, Me, Baby Savannah and Kristin) minus sweet Lila who was hanging with dad, brother, and uncles doing boy things :) 

Then of course Cathy, Christy, Patty and I had to snap a photo. Christy and Patty are family friends and it meant so much to me to have them at the shower as they were the ones who hosted our bridal shower almost 10 years (in July) ago!! Thank you ladies so much for being there for our special day!

We are so excited that Baby Wik is already loved by so many. As I sit here - one week away from full term - I am overwhelmed with the love and excitement that everyone shares for this Baby and he or she isn't even here. One of my favorite IGers and someone who has become a very dear friend of mine, Vanessa, once said to me very recently that Baby Wik is going to be celebrated by so many all over the world and it's so true and totally brought a tear to my eye. For all of you that have stuck by us - especially me during the grumpy stimming days, the hormonal pregnant days, the days we had to say no we can't because we are cycling or tied down by shots or not feeling well - for every single moment over the past year and a half you have been there for us - I cannot say thank you enough. You have no clue how much it means to us and we cannot wait to share this special miracle with all of you!


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