The final countdown

Wow - so as I sit to write this I am officially full term (as of Friday) so we are 37w3d and the final countdown to baby Wik is on. I just cannot believe it nor can I describe the excitement of these last few weeks - it truly is unlike anything I have ever felt in my life. The anticipation of going to sleep every night and wondering if this our last night laying our heads to rest without a little one is a feeling that is truly indescribable and one that I hope I can cherish and remember for as long as I live.

We had our weekly baby appointment and a surprise growth scan this past Friday and discovered that it seems we are growing quite the little chunky monkey over here! Baby Wik is measuring in the 86th percentile with an large noggin'! Doc isn't concerned at all and said keep doing what you are doing everything is perfect - we just have a large, healthy baby in there and we could not be more excited!! I've always loved chunky little ones and we already have a onsie ready that says "Love me for my leg rolls" :)

We did a lot of prep last Sunday night for Baby Wik - nesting mode was in full force! We organized the some cabinets, washed and put everything away and had a sterilizing party!

My parents came up this weekend and we just had a blast! It was our last weekend we will see them before they get the call that baby is on the way so it was a pretty special weekend! It was their 33rd wedding anniversary so we celebrated that along with making it to full term! Two of mom and my's favorite things in the world are cake and shopping - so of course I celebration this weekend included both!

Target had such great deals on baby stuff this week and I had tons of coupons for different other stores that I couldn't resist going crazy! Chris' co-workers also threw him a shower and gave us some Babies 'R Us gift cards so I went and bought the baby that cute little tummy time, activity mat. I cannot wait for this little one to get here! We also wanted an umbrella stroller for when we got to festivals, Disneyworld, etc that is a little easier to maneuver in a crowd once the baby is a little older. I could not pass this one up but I think the Baby is going to have to fight ZZ for it…

Saturday was a lazy day just hanging with my folks and watching TV all morning. I love times like that - we all just sat around and talked, watched TV, read the paper and just enjoyed being with each other - I really cherish those times. Plus with this big ole belly being lazy is one of my favorite things to do these days - apparently it's Wrigs' also…

Saturday was my father in law's birthday so for dinner we headed over and had a fun celebration with my in laws, brothers and sisters in laws, my folks, and Chris' grandma and great aunt Terry. It was tons of fun and so deelish! Baby Wik will mark baby #4 for Chris' side and the first on my side - so it's fun that family gatherings are full of toys and little pitter pattering of tiny feet these days!

Today is finally a beautiful day in Chicago (YAY!!) so we said good-bye to mom and dad this morning, took a much needed 2 hour nap and then spent the afternoon walking around our neighborhood! As I mentioned in my last post - tomorrow is my first day working remotely until baby decides to show and let me tell you it feels very very weird to not have to get up and commute to work tomorrow - it's a little surreal!  I hope you all had a great weekend - I wanted to leave you with my first hospital baby pic, Baby Wik's 3D ultrasound pic (look like momma much?) and our week 36 bump pic!! 


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