Baby Pool and Maternity Pic Preview

3 weeks and 2 days till our due date - OMG! I had to pop in and do a quick post because we set up a baby pool for all of our friends, family and my readers to vote on what you think Baby Wik is - a little prince or princess - when you think he or she will arrive, how big, etc. So if you have a few minutes head on over to this link our  whats in my belly site and cast your vote!! 

You all know what I think - I've had a strong feeling from the beginning this little nugget is indeed a baby boy - but seriously what do I know? It's so funny - I always always always have said - my whole life - I wanted nothing more than a little girl, a little mini me to go shopping and get manis and pedis and to be y best friend. And truthfully - one of these days I do hope that we are blessed with a sweet little princess. But being that I am so convinced this little nugget is a boy - I don't know how I will react if it's a girl! Will I cry uncontrollably? Will I ask the doctor to check again for the missing part? Will I feel a little twinge of dang, I really thought you were a little man and I've been so excited to dress you in little bow ties and fedoras for 9 months? 

I love my baby brother to death  - we are 7 years apart - we used to fight like cats and dogs and I used to beat up on him until he could return the favor ten fold - then that promptly stopped. But I always wanted a sister and I always wanted an older brother too! I know - asking for a lot right? So if I had my way and could pick and choose I think I would have a boy, then a girl, then another girl - but as we all know in the fabulous and glamorous life that is the life of an infertile, we seldom get to choose - so we are hoping that God blesses us with a happy and healthy little one and we could not be more excited to meet him or her!

Being this close and not knowing the sex is seriously an amazing feeling. My parents didn't find out with my brother or me and at first I thought that was absolutely crazy. I wanted a big gender reveal with the cake you cut in to and surprise - it's pink or blue - but now I can honestly say I am so very glad we waited and I'm so thankful Chris convinced me to be surprised. So much so that for Baby Wik #2 I think we'll keep that one a surprise too! 

It's been a weird day for me - today was my last Monday physically going into the office before I begin working remotely in anticipation of Baby Wik's arrival. It was a little surreal driving in today knowing that and I've been a bit of an emotional wreck today. Driving home I randomly started crying just because I was happy, which turned to crying because I was sad I only have 3+ weeks (possibly less) left to be pregnant, to crying happy tears when I pulled in the driveway because I couldn't wait to see the fur babies! Hence the randomness of this post tonight! Anyways - without further ado I wanted to share the maternity sneak peeks from our photog starting with my absolute favorite - I am so so in love with this shot and feel like she captured it perfectly! Thanks Kristi you are amazing and I already can't wait to see the rest!

It's such an amazing feeling to look at these pictures and to think back on everything that we've went through the past year and a half. I always go back to Jimmy Fallon's quote when speaking out about his infertility struggles:

"It's the most worth it thing"


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