Week 33!!

I'm actually just 34w today so not far behind on this post!! I cannot believe Baby Wik's arrival is so close! First shower is tomorrow, shower #2 in 8 days, Full term in 20 days, 12 more days working in the physical office and 40 days until Baby Wik is due…holy. smokes! I remember when we first got pregnant and thinking it was 280 days and how that seemed like forever - and the beginning honestly went so slow because we were full of worry - would everything be OK, was this real? Then when we hit halfway time started to speed, as we hit viability at 24 things really started to speed up and forget it - once we hit 30 weeks it was like a week passes in a day! :)

So week 33 was a great one! I am definitely starting to slow down and I'm getting more and more tired as the days go by but no complaints here! We graduated our authentic childbirth class last week and this week we took a breastfeeding class which for me was totally eye opening! There were a few things that I wanted to share here that I took away from the class:

1. I was surprised that so many moms were headed back to work so early - no judgement at all - but I just wondered if my leave at 12 weeks was unusual. Most women were going back between 8-10 - some as early as 6. I really wish the maternity leave was better here in the states (just as I feel like fertility issues should be covered just as any other medical illness is.) I work for a Danish company but we still follow the US laws. I will get part of my pay for 6 weeks (which I am very thankful for) and the remaining 6 weeks that are covered by FMLA are unpaid. I'm thankful to be able to take the 6 weeks unpaid - I just wish it was more standardized for all moms. Anyways - all that rambling for the fact that I was surprised a lot of the moms wanted to talk how to pump, pumping schedules, etc. versus how to breastfeed itself.
2. I had NO idea that in order to increase your chances of success that it's best not to give babies any artificial nipples in the first 3 weeks of life - no pacis, no bottles, etc. I would have never known!
3. #2 leads to #3 - I had no clue that momma gets to do every single feeding for the first 3 weeks. I honestly don't mind - I know it's going to be a challenge and I'll be exhausted - but I was hoping that Chris could at least get to feed the baby here and there but I guess he will just have to be patient. :)
4. I had no clue that breastfeeding shouldn't hurt. This sounds silly - but I have heard so many horror stories of cracked and dry nipples, sore breasts, infections, etc. - but in the class Rita focused on teaching us how (as best she could without actual babies yet) to get a good latch to ensure we don't run into these issues!

I took probably two huge pages of notes so if any breastfeeding mommas out there would like a copy let me know and I can send it to you!

Other than that it was a pretty quiet week. These babies came - cannot believe we are already talking registry completion coupons - really??

And we got box after box in the mail this week! Our pack and play was delivered yesterday (thanks to my in laws eek - I just wanted to put it up in the living room haha!), we got a few other shower gifts and I discovered my nursing pillow - my brest friend (thanks for the suggestion Rach!) is amazing however it is clearly not meant to go on a pregnant belly and is doesn't even come close to wrapping around haha (thanks Tim and Ash for the amazing package of goodies - made our day!) - and the little side table for Baby Wik's nursery was also delivered! And today - the glider finally comes which means…the crown can finally go up! If you know me this has been the part of the nursery I've been most looking forward to so when we get home from Indiana on Sunday you better believe that puppy is going up and I will do a post on the finished nursery! 

I also ordered some fun mom things - nursing bras which came yesterday and I am totally in love with! I ordered the Bravado nursing bras - just 2 - they were a little pricey at about $45 a piece but they got stellar reviews so I hope they are worth it! The verdict now is that they are are so comfy. I also go this bad boy (thanks again to Rach!) - it looks hilarious but again gets stellar reviews and I hear it's a must! 

Oh and of course - I write a blog called My Pretty in Pink Life and I'm pretty much the most girlie girl you will ever meet - so did you have any doubt that I would have a pink birthing gown? It came yesterday - not the most attractive thing I've ever worn but I'm pretty damn excited!

That's about it for this week! I am spending the afternoon at the salon getting my nails done - my feet are starting to swell and a pedi is long overdue then we will be headed to Indiana for my shower this weekend. I am so excited! I know my mom, Ashley and Jeanna have put so much hard work into it! Can't wait to get there and see everyone! 

I'll leave you with a 28w vs. 34w bare belly comparison and our normal week 33 bump pic!!Have a great weekend everyone!!



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