Fighting Winter Blues

Not sure about you - but seems like every single area of the US (with the exception of a few spots) is having an absolutely brutal winter. Chris and I have so much to look forward to and we are so anxious about Baby Wik's arrival but lately it's been pretty hard to try to kick the winter blues. Normally winters in Chicago are cold with some snow - but nothing like the snow amounts and polar vortex we've had this year! So because of that I thought I'd share some of the ways I'm trying to beat the winter blues!

Painting your nails fun spring colors!!

There's nothing like a fun pink or lavender on your nails to put you in the spring spirit! There are so absolutely adorable colors starting to pop up for spring - some of my faves so far are:

Every color in Sinful Colors Mod in Bloom collection!

Sinful Colors Energetic Red - One of the most true reds I've found in a while!

Order some fun new makeup!

So I am a total makeup whore. Love. it. all. And tend to have WAY too much of it! There are days where I realize I just want to get all new makeup - start to finish - and I go and drop entirely too much money and boost my Ulta super platinum red carpet status much to the hubby's chagrin! I was feeling that way lately but decided to try elf cosmetics. I had seen a couple of people post some really pretty eyeshadow pallets lately and I thought what the hell for $10 and $5 a piece give it a go! I ordered these 2 and I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival! I've never used their cosmetics but I hear they are great for the price! I have the Naked Basics pallet from Urban Decay and I'll be honest - I just don't love it. Sits in my makeup drawer most of the time untouched.
Elf "Texas" eyeshadow pallet - $10!!!
Elf "Natural" beauty book - $5!!!

Treat yourself to a couple of fun new spring outfits!

This one was a bit complicated for me because we are still experiencing the polar vortex here in Chicago so it's hard to think about fun spring clothes coupled with the fact that Baby Wik is due April 17th and I have no clue what my postpartum body will be like - I was at a loss but new I needed a few new things to brighten up my grey, black and dark winter wardrobe. I found these two cute dresses from Target which come hell or high water - polar vortex or not - I will be wearing for my showers! And the 3rd skirt I am thinking I like for our mid to late March maternity photos - what do you think?

Treat yourself to a new (or your favorite) scent for spring!

I tend to rotate out perfumes pretty regularly and tend to wear heavier scents in the winter time and will switch to lighter, more florally scents for spring. This spring I'm totally obsessed with one of my favorites Laila that I found in Epcot center in the Norway country a few years back on one of our Disney trips - I just love it! There are quite a few of us in the family that wear it and we all know when each other has it on! I just order it from Amazon now! I am also slightly obsessed with Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret - cannot get enough! Both perfect for spring! And a tip for all you ladies - I used to get my perfume pretty much exclusively at Ulta but we became Amazon prime members - quite possibly the most life changing decision we've ever made besides Baby Wik - and it's considerably cheaper on there! I think I saved almost half on the Givenchy perfume!

Keep fresh flowers in the house!

It's amazing what a few fresh flowers can do for your mood in the dead of winter! I always get them at Trader Joe's - they are so much cheaper there than anywhere else! Lately I've been addicted to just 2 hydrangeas in a mason jar on my kitchen counter. Best $4 I spent each week!

Splurge on some easter candy!

I love the holidays - every single one. Especially those associated with delicious candy! So of course I love Easter! Cadbury mini eggs - the ones that are sort of like M&Ms but only way more delicious - are my favorite! And being that they only come around once a year - makes them that much sweeter! 

Organize and do spring cleaning!

I always feel so great when I organize the junk drawers and cabinets throughout our house. Once spring and summer hits inside cleaning is the last place I want to be! For us this year, spring cleaning  means prep for Baby Wik! We spent Sunday writing our birth plan, making some decisions, ordering nursing bras, hospital gowns, birthing bras - you name it! We also took the tags off of everything we had and put it in the baby's hamper to wash, oh yes, and swaddled the cat in one of the baby's hooded towels. She was not impressed!

So as the winter comes to an end (God willing) and we trudge through the final weeks of winter - try to keep that head up and know the end is in sight - won't be long now! I'll leave you with a pic of how Wrigs feels about this winter!

Taken by the way with our new Nikon D5200 which we are in LOVE with!



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