Last few weekends without our little one?

Time for the 35 week update!! So crazy that we are in the homestretch! A quick update on where we are right now before I go in to last week's recap! So today we are 36w3d. When I went to the doctor on Friday we were still measuring 2 weeks ahead so they have ordered a growth scan for this coming Friday to get an idea of how much the baby might weigh and how big he or she really is - so exciting we get to see our little peanut again before he or she arrives. I also had my first internal exam and we were already dilated 2.5cm. I knew something was going on based on some of the changes I've felt this week - super exciting! So everyone has been telling us to savor and enjoy the time we have left as a family of 2 (well 5 with the fur babies) since we are getting so close!

This week I've started noticing that I'm slowing down a lot - the motivation and energy to work out is pretty much non existent which I'm OK with. I just wish the weather would get decent so I could take some short walks around the neighborhood - woke up this morning to it snowing like crazy - totally did not expect that!! 

In the past week we finished up all of our classes - we did an infant and toddler CPR and choking class and a newborn care and infant massage class. Both were excellent! Between finishing the classes, putting together the final touches in the nursery, and getting everything washed and put away we feel like we are almost ready for Baby's arrival!

Infant CPR easy peasy - 30 pushes followed by two breaths!

Daddy and Wrigs putting together the closet organizer!

The finished product - Baby needs some clothes!! Grandma says as soon as baby comes and we know boy or girl and she gets some cuddle time she's headed straight to the mall!!

This was happening so it was time for the car seat to be installed….

Great job poppa!!

It is very surreal seeing the car seat in the car - I still can't get over it! We got in yesterday to head to the lake for our maternity photos and our photographer got in the back and it was like holy smokes - no space back there! OMG can I just tell you I wore a strapless maxi and sandals and it may have been 41 degrees outside - at one point I was literally turning blue and shivering but I refused to wear winter clothes! The things we do for fashion! Can't wait to get them back and share them with you but here's a sneak peek of outfit #1 I used for the nursery pics!

 Speaking of nursery I haven't really shared many yet as we finally decided on a camera - the Nikon D5200 and still haven't figured out completely how to use it - but I did snap some iPhone pics to share with you all yesterday. I just love everything about how it turned out! I also find it very cute that when we are in there everyone has to be in there together - so cute! So that explains the furry photo bombers in every pic!

Other than that we've been getting package after package in the mail daily which is so much fun! Gifts for Baby Wik, postpartum supplies for momma and baby - oh and we received the Ergo in the mail from a very sweet couple and are now all set! I have all my STD and FMLA papers in for my maternity leave - my last day in the office will be this Thursday and then I will work remotely until baby comes. And after checking into our insurance for a breast pump - they just didn't cover the one we wanted and we weren't able to buy it and get reimbursed so we just bought it out of our pocket yesterday - for all you momma's to be if your insurance doesn't cover it - remember you can use 20% off coupons at buy buy baby and right now they are offering $25 or $50 gift cards free with your purchase on top of it! We got the Medela Pump in Style Advanced in the Metro Bag because the pump is detachable and it was regular $350 and cost up only about $250 after all the discounts and gift card!!

That's about all I have for this week!! Today we are stocking up on birthing snacks and supplies - coconut water, gatorade, popsicles, packing the hospital bag and if I'm honest probably watching about 12 episodes of Breaking Bad - just started Season 4 and we are addicted!! So with that I will leave you with our Week 35 pic!



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