Motivation Monday

Well hello there and happy Monday! Btw I generally hate when people say that - most Monday's are not happy - let's face it you just came off the weekend where you probably did fun things and got to spend time with your family and friends and enjoyed the freedom of an open schedule - and now you are stuck at work. Anyhoo....

Motivation Monday we meet again. First of all I would love to report I can notice a change in my body already after 7 days of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. I was bouncing around on the levels but have now decided to follow the program - 10 days at each level. I started level 1 officially on Thursday so today I did my 5th day of it and I must say I like the moves in this level. It gets my heart pumping, it's a great sweat and most of all when I am lazy and don't want to do it I tell myself COME ON - it's 25 minutes and you are done. Works every time!

I have also been eating really well! So as you know we recently ditched whole 30 but have tried to keep some of the same principles and it's working great! I am sad to report however - for all you breastfeeding mommas - the insane amount of sweet potatoes I was eating stopped my little Ceej up! He's normally a pretty regular pooper but was going 2-3 days in between and was gettin gpretty fussy and uncomfortable by the 2nd or 3rd day. I called the doc and the nurse asked if I had changed my diet I told her the only thing I could think of was sweet potatoes (I was eating them for breakfast and dinner most days) and she said that will do it. Stopped them Thursday - he's went like clockwork at least once every day!

What I want to talk about today is the old me. The pre-baby, crazy gym rat, half marathon running me. Ah to be young again. :) So back in the day I ran half marathons - it's actually how Chris and I both got into shape. We were young and living in the suburbs with not much to do and we were on the heavier side so we decided let's start eating right and join a gym. We joined our little park district gym 5 minutes from our house and we literally started walking. Every day. we would go and listen to music (I remember my very very old school Sansa mp3 player) or watch the Cubs games - but we were faithful about it. Days and days of walking we got the urge to run and never looked back. We ran our first half marathon in August 2007. That was our first and ONLY race we have ever ran together. About mile 11 I was super crabby pants and having a mini meltdown and it got nasty :) But we finished and we were hooked!
Chris would go on to run and complete the 2007 Chicago Marathon that year - one of the hottest on record. And honestly - I am not sure I've ever been more proud of anyone in my life than I was of him that day!
We would go on to run many more races - Chris 3 more marathons and countless halfs - and for me I believe I completed 4 half marathons finishing with my ultimate goal and PR of a sub 2 hour half marathon in the Indy Mini Marathon. Our love of running started to run through the family and quickly the Indy Mini Marathon every year in may prior to the Indy 500 became a family tradition with different family members running each year. We go down Friday and have dinner and call it an early night, Saturday we are up and at em early either running or cheering at the race, Saturday afternoon is filled with naps and shopping and we finish the night with shrimp cocktail and steaks at St. Elmo's. Sadly this year we missed going as Ceej was just a few weeks old but the family kept the tradition alive without us!
I still have yet to do even one post baby run - if I'm honest I'm terrified. I am terrified that I won't be able to run, that I will look silly doing so - all of it. I know I need to strap on those shoes and have at it - I'm hoping that while we are on vacation this week I'll hit up the gym and give it a go. Timehops like this one the other day sure do motivate me to get to trying again...
There was a sign that Chris mentioned he has seen on the marathon course several times and it's always motivated him and kept him giong. It says "There will come a day when you can't do this. Today is not that day." I need to remember this, let Daddy watch Ceej, strap on those shoes and hit the might just be that day.



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