What's in a name?

I've been meaning to sneak a few minutes to write this post for a while and CJ is napping so peacefully so I thought I would pop in. Some people have asked us where we came up with the name Casey James, does it mean anything to us, etc? The answer is yes - his names means so much to us so gather round and I shall tell you :)

Casey has two meanings. The most important is after my maternal grandfather Lawrence Wesley Case. He had two nicknames - one being Sonny because his mom called him Sonny Boy growing up. The other nickname he had was Casey after his last name of course. My grandfather passed away when I was 6 but I have very vivid memories of certain times that I spent with him - times in his little red truck and tons of presents on Christmas morning. A lot of the memories I have are memories that were told to me from my parents - but from everything I know I was the absolute apple of his eye. There were many times growing up where mom would say "wow if your grandpa could see you now - he would be so proud." I've always felt a connection to him even though I really didn't get many years with him and for that reason once I knew (in my heart of course) that Casey was a boy in my belly - I loved that name. The second reason Casey is important to us is that our friends and family call us KC - for Krissy and Chris and I thought that was super cute on top of honoring my grandfather.

James comes from Chris' side of the family and his maternal granddaddy James. Chris is very similar to his granddaddy - smart, savvy businessmen with a love for their family. He was the patriarch of the family and from the early days of Chris and I's relationship - there is a picture of his grandparents with all of their children and grandchildren on the steps of their house and we've always said to one another we can't wait to build that for ourselves - to be able to look around the room at Thanksgiving or Christmas and see 30-40 people who are all there because of us - because of the love we shared and the family we created. Being that we are getting older and are infertile the likelihood of that happening isn't very good - but one can still dream right? :) Anyhow, Chris' granddaddy was a pretty cool guy - I've wrote about him in the past - but he was a volunteer fire chief and police officer and truly gave of himself selflessly every single day. He was a great man that we all could learn a lot from. We lost Chris' granddaddy in October of 2013 - when we were about 14 weeks through our pregnancy with Casey. It was a tough time for the family and it affected Chris like I have never seen in our almost 14 years together.

What's even more special for me is that these two men - although they were not physically with us - got me through some of the most rough times of our pregnancy. For some reason - when I developed the sub chorionic hemorrhage I spent a lot of time talking to my grandfather in heaven. Chris and I are not extremely religious - we don't go to church every week or pray before we eat - but I do believe in God and pray lots. I also talk to those that have passed before us - and I spent a lot of time talking to God and begging that he keep my baby safe. I also talked to my Grandfather - asking that he watch over us and my unborn baby from heaven and deliver him to us safely. When we lost Chris' grandaddy we were on our road trip and I was still spotting - almost 6 weeks after the hemorrhage - the day we lost Chris' granddaddy I started talking to him in heaven as well - asking that he help watch over our baby and bring him/her into this world safe. That was the last day I saw any signs of blood for the rest of my pregnancy. I truly believe these two men watched over Casey while he was in my belly and will continue to be his guardian angels for the rest of his life and that's why it was so important that I honor them with his name. We hope to show pictures and tell Casey stories of his grandfathers (as well as his paternal grandfathers Delvin and Gordon) and make sure he knows what wonderful men they all were.

CJ is already growing up so much - he changes literally everyday! He is the cutest little man I've ever seen - and I'm of course not biased or anything. He will be two months old in less than a week and I just do not know where the time has went. Here is his 7 week pic along with some of my faves from the week!


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