31 years young...

This weekend was my 31st birthday - holy smokes I'm old!! It was honestly my favorite birthday ever. It had been a while since I saw my parents and even longer since they had been to our house so they came up to spend the weekend with us! Friday night started out with Mexican and fro-yo - a perfect night! Mom was so excited when she got here and just had to give me part of my birthday present right away - two frames - a blue one that says "A Miracle Waiting to be Seen" and a pink one that says "Love at first sight".  So so adorable! Our little one will be my parents first grandchild and my maternal grandmother's first great grandchild so they are so so excited for us! 

I also got some cute cards from some very special ttc sisters!

Margaritas were for the boys - don't worry - sparkling water for this momma!

Saturday we were up and at 'em early! Chris had a 17 mile training run, Dad started preparations on our back deck to get ready for him and Chris to refinish it - and Mom and I hit the swanky new Fashion Outlets of Chicago mall out by the airport. Total bust! I mean don't get me wrong - they had some GORGEOUS stuff - and had a great deal on a Tory Burch bag I've been lusting over. But...40% off of $400 is still WAY too much for this girl! So we left - hit up 5 Guys and went to the cheap mall where we belong :)
Why yes, that would be a grill in the middle of my living room...still there 60 hours later...

Weird balloons at the swanky mall - FANCY!

Momma's first time at 5 Guys!! Yummm - every pregnant woman's dream! :)

After a full day of shopping this momma was tired so next on the agenda was a nap!! Mom cooked my favorite country meal - beef and noodles, hot rolls, mashed taters, and baked macaroni and cheese! We followed it up with cake and ice cream and presents then watched "Meet the Fockers" as a family all cuddled up on the couch. Perfect night!

 Birthday cake is my favorite food - in the whole. wide. world.
Don't mind sweaty Chris and the fact that my face is broken out like a 15 year old!! I'm 31 I swear!

I think about birthday's past and how they may or may not have involved crazy drinking, partying, and living it up. But you know what - this was my favorite birthday ever. I got to see my parents and spend the weekend with them, my hubby and Dad worked hard in the heat and sun to do a project I've been wanting done all summer long, mom and I got some much needed mother/daughter time and most of all I got to experience my first birthday with a baby in my belly. It was truly amazing! Sunday was a day of recovery for us...I was so so sleepy I couldn't get off the couch! Saturday wore me out so Wrigs and I did a lot of this...

As for a baby update - our next ultrasound is Wednesday - we will be 6w6d and should see a fetal pole and a heartbeat. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that Baby Wik is progressing just as he/she should be! 

Much love!!


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