Beautiful weekend in the Chi!

What an absolutely gorgeous weekend! It was sunny, around 80 degrees and absolutely perfect! We had a full weekend packed with lots of fun things! We started the weekend off at the 55th annual Chicago Air and Water show. My father in law is able to get us GREAT tickets (thanks Marco) on the rooftop of Castaways - a bar right on the beach at airshow center. This was our 3rd year there and it is just simply amazing. It's all you can eat (and drink - club soda and lime for me this year!) and they have spectacular views of the show! Here are just a few of the fun pics!

 A member of the all Veteran parachute team landing dead center!

 My adorable hubby and even more adorable nephew Mason sharing an ice cream cone!


 Three years ago when the hubby first dragged me to the air show I never thought I would like it - but I am hooked!

The hubby and I - it was smoking hot out there!

I came home to the most adorable package from one of my most dear IG friends Vanessa - my Jersey girls. She is seriously amazing and I am hoping and praying she gets her BFP soon!!

All sorts of preggers essentials plus the most adorable pregnancy journal!

After the show we finally were able to get a seat on the patio of a local bar in our neighborhood that everyone says is a must. Well...whomp was just that - a bar. The tater tots were deelish but that was the highlight! A little fro-you and we made it home in time to settle in, watch the movie "For a Good Time Call..." and I had my first fantasy football draft of the season with my IG girls - thanks Angie for coordinating!

Zoe was my advisor of course

Sunday's around our house are normally lazy and slow but today we were on the go all day! I started out with a target run for some of my IG TTC girls and some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. We then went on a mission to do our pregnancy chalkboard! I have seen so many adorable pregnancy chalkboards where moms to be stand in front of the chalkboard on which is written how far along she is, how big the baby is, and any exciting facts for that week. As soon as we found out this was the first thing I wanted to buy! So I googled and etsy'd it - and discovered they were like $200!! Really? For a chalkboard? So, we decided to do it ourselves!

We found a few tutorials online so off we went to Michaels to look for a backless, glassless frame - but not before making sure it was still real...

We found a frame at Micheals and it was $109 - so still cheaper and we had a 40% off coupon - score! Until the guy told us we couldn't use it - so we left it - no way was I paying that much. We came home to brainstorm and came across a website where a girl had suggested thrift store shopping for an old pic!! Paint the frame, add a wood board and a little chalkboard paint - and voila! Chalkboard! is the project in pictures!

A beautiful framed poster of..Willa Cather? Really? But for $15 the price was right! 

I painted the frame while Chris sawed the chalkboard backing! We saved ourselves a few steps because home depot sells wood backed chalkboards with no framed - for $10 a piece and had their machine not been broken they would have cut it for us!

The finished project!! Can't wait to write on it!!!

So all in all we finished this project for around $40 - versus the $200 they sell for online. Chris and I are thinking it's a good business opportunity! It was very fun to do baby's first project and it helped keep our minds off the big day we have coming this Wednesday! Hoping and praying our little bean is all snuggled up for the long haul right where he or she belongs!



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